Way not to get elected

In the new Ontario election coming up Hudak of the PCs has said he will cut 100,000 public service jobs. now there is a good way to try not to get elected. For a brief second I almost was considering voting for the Ontario PCs but that just took my vote away. Look you might be temped to say that this might be a good idea. To you, I say think twice because it is such a bad idea. Sure on the surface you can say the government can save money, but think about it. It is going to save money by screwing the public. These people will be fired from service departments. Don’t you already receive horrible service and wait in long lines for this horrible service? You help cut these jobs then you suffer, not the government. We pay taxes for these services and the PCs think that the only way to save money is to make our lives harder. How would you like to go shopping at Wallymart on a busy Saturday and have only one or two cashiers. You wouldn’t like that, would you? So why would you want that type of service from your government agencies.
Voting PC is only going to hurt the citizens. As much as I do not like what the NDP stand for all the time and the screw ups the Liberals have made they are still the better options. The PCs will take us down a very bad path so for our sakes please do not vote for them. I would like to get my driver’s license promptly and not have to wait hours in line to receive poor service from haggard employees. Hudak may think he knows what he is doing but he is only trying to cater to those who think government services should be curtailed, prove the PCs wrong.

One thought on “Way not to get elected

  1. Paul

    So you would have a bloated civil service (made so by the liberals), with all the waste and sky high wages than some common sense. Give your head a shake.

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