Can’t change the nature of Marriage??

Reading through the Spectator letter column I came across a missive from good ol’ Mr. Kokoski. I love reading his letters to the editor because it usually gets a reaction from me. Mr.Kokoski is a good Roman Catholic and he strongly believes in the traditions but that is usually what gets me going. Sometimes he makes it sound like he is speaking for all Roman Catholics, but he isn’t really.

Being R.C. myself, I usually like to respond to him. Except a few exceptions I always disagree with him. This time it is about same sex marriages. Basically he hopes that the USA does not fall into the same trap as Canada when it comes to accepting gay marriages. He comments on how marriage predates civilization and that it has always been one man and one woman. This of course is for procreation even though today’s science seems to be able to bypass this little ditty.

What I found interesting is that he states that neither Church nor state invented marriage and neither can change its nature. He’s right in this respect. Neither Church nor state set up marriage rules, why? Well it’s because procreation does not depend on marriage. We can have lots of kids and not be married. Nature did not create marriage, nature created sex for procreation. Marriage is not about sex or having children. Marriage, Paul, is about love and only love. Procreation is not a necessary element of marriage but love is. Therefore, marriage between two people of the same sex should be condoned if they are in love.

The sex part for having children within marriage is simply, a creation of society. Marriage developed for making sure that procreation happened without the constant threat of willy-nilly procreation. In other words, marriage was set up to make sure that men did not just go around planting their seed into whomever they wanted without consent. Marriage added order between men and women so they could control who to have those children with.

Marriage between two same sex couples should be legal because it does not go against the laws of God (Nature), as God created us to procreate without the limits of society. Society created marriage for protection and it only came about as the human began to understand and recognize love. So, it is high time that anyone in love should be able to get married regardless of their sex. The only limit that society should have on marriage or sex is between related couples and that is only to avoid deformities. In essence I will stick my neck out here and go so far as to say that even siblings should be able to marry if they agree to surgery to prevent the chance of having natural children. I know I am pushing it here but it is possible.

Basically, we are reacting against same sex marriage because over the centuries we have grown to find the idea of two men having sex or kissing as revolting so, we have to now adjust our attitudes. Personally, I still have trouble watching men kiss but I have no such problems with men holding or hugging. The idea of watching two men have sex is not something bothers me too much but the kissing, well it bothers me. I guess I have some growing up to do just as the rest of society have to adjust.