School Takes Kids to Mosque, Gives them Copies of Koran

A very interesting article to read. I don’t really have any objections to students visiting other places of religion when in school. I did and I did not find it a bad experience. The thing is, though, that if students are sent to other religious places then the students who practice those other religions must also visit religions they do not acknowledge. If Christians have to visit Islamic mosques then Islamic students need to visit Christian churches without interference from Islamic leaders. Basically speaking if one religion will not let their members visit other religions, then they should be taken off the list of Churches that are visited by other students. If Islamic students are not allowed to visit a Jewish synagogue then no students that practice other faiths should be sent to a a mosque. Quid pro quo. All or nothing. Simple. Either all religions respect other religions, or, the ones that do not, should be shunned. This may have worked in the past but in modern times the idea of violent religious indoctrination needs to be shunned. Anyway read on…

A Tennessee high school has decided to revise its field trip policy after a group of freshmen were taken to an Islamic mosque where they were given copies of the Koran and while a student who opted out of the trip was given a worksheet that alleged Muslims treated their conquered people better than the United States treated minorities.

The students were in an honors world studies class at Hendersonville High School and the field trips to the mosque as well as a Hindu temple were part of a three-week course on world religions.
But some parents objected to the trips and wondered why the school would tour a mosque but not a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue.

“If you can’t go to all five, why are you going to any?” asked parent Mike Conner. “We sent the principal an email and voiced our concerns. She sent back a reply and told us they could not afford to go to all five.”

Children were given punch and cookies at the mosque where they listened to readings from the Koran, Conner said. They were also given copies of the Islamic holy book – which some students took and others declined.

During their visit to the Hindu temple, students engaged in meditation.

“Our kids are being indoctrinated and this is being shoved in their face,” Conner told Fox News. “It tells me they are pushing other religions and they want Christianity to take a back seat. They want our children to be tolerant of everything except Christianity.”

A Sumner County Schools spokesman declined to answer questions about specific religious activities the children may have engaged in, but he did send a statement acknowledging there was concern about the trip.

“Our district has reviewed the practice and decided to eliminate field trips to religious venues from this class, as it does not provide equal representation to all the religions studied in the course unit,” the statement read. “This decision was made due to the fact that equal representation in regards to field trips for all religions studied in the course is not feasible.”