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Check out what the costume of the new Superman The Man of Steel movie will look like

February 19, 2012

I came across the picture of Superman on the web. This is Warner Bros attempt at modernizing Superman and this was probably why the horrible Superman comics at DC since the changes back in September of 2011. The new costume has: Darker colors.

No red pants.

His wrists have a cuff design.

Some style designs on the suit.

This is not the classic costume you know.

I wonder if the mainstream public will like the changes?

I know a lot of young kids today think it is stupid to have your underwear on the outside of their pants and so they will like this costume. It is funny that this is coming from kids who wear their pants so low that I have to constantly be treated to a backend view of their underwear. Go figure.

Problem here is that Superman is an iconic character and it is an iconic costume. His costume goes beyond style it is a symbol and this new costume is not in the least inspiring. What really looks bad is the fake looking muscle padding. Of course if you want a good crouch view, this costume will give it you.

I disliked the new Superman from DC comics so much that I stopped buying it for the first time since I bought my first one a few decades back. Times change and if the audience likes this costume it will survive and our Superman will be delegated to historic standing...a real shame.

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