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Green Lama

September 12, 2014

With the character's central role in Dynamite Entertainment's Project Superpowers and with the fantastic addition of the original material to the Dark Horse Archives line of hardcover collections, The Green Lama has gone from residing only in the realms of Golden Age comics collectors to front and center with many contemporary fans.

The character was always different than his peers, and these few tidbits might tell you why:

1. Though The Green Lama endured throughout the entire decade of the 1940s, none of the media within which he was featured ever propelled him to superstardom. From his first appearances in the pulp novel series Double Detective (which ran 1940-1943) and his breakout role in Prize Comics #7 (also in 1940), his own eight-issue comic title (1944-1946) to his shortlived radio show, he seemed to be a Lama of all trades... and master of none.

2. What is a Green Lama, you ask? Well, in this case it's a wealthy, listless American who treks to Tibet, spends ten years there and returns to the U.S. as a fully ordained Tibetan Lama, released into his "wicked society to spread enlightenment." He does so by using special powers he garnered in Tibet to foil bad guys on his own soil.

3. The Green Lama's chief superpower was his body's ability to radiate electric shocks after drinking "radioactive salts."

4. Like most pulp heroes, The Green Lama had his own club, Green Lama Club, that readers could join for a whopping membership fee of one dime.

Jethro Dumont has two alter egos, the crime fighting superhero Green Lama and the Buddhist priest Dr. Pali. Jethro Dumont being a very rich resident of New York City decided to go to Tibet for ten years to study to become a Lama (Buddhist guru). It was in Tibet where he learned many mystical and magical secrets, which he used in conjunction with his scientific knowledge of how to use radioactive salts in his favor. He used these powers, along with his strong Buddhist beliefs, to fight crime and help the Superpowers team in WWII.

The Green Lama's first full-length novel in nearly 70 years, Green Lama: Unbound, was originally released July 28, 2010. Written by Adam L. Garcia, it displayed interior and cover art by Mike Fyles. The novel takes place roughly six months after Garcia's Unbound pitted the Green Lama against Lovecraft's Great Old Ones and Cthulhu, as well as featured for the first time ever details of Dumont's ten years in Tibet.

In 2011, the book, Garcia, and Fyles were nominated for several awards including Best Novel, Best Interior Art, and Best Exterior Art in the Pulp Factory Awards;[ as well as Best Book, Best Cover Art, Best Interior, Best Pulp Revival, and Best Author in the 2011 Pulp Ark Awards. It won for Best Pulp Revival in the Pulp Ark Awards, and Best Pulp Novel and Best Interior Art in the Pulp Factory Awards.

Green Lama's powers come from two different sources, one part of Green Lama's powers comes from his magical knowledge of studying the ways of the Buddhist guru, giving him levitation and flight and the other part of his powers come from his knowledge on how to manipulate radioactive salts in his favor. The radioactive salts give him the powers of super-speed, super-strength, invulnerability, the ability to shoot blasts of energy-enhanced strikes out of his hands, the ability to control Nature, Teleportation via nature power, enhanced stamina and agility. He can also perform mass resurrections , though these greatly weaken him and cause him to age for a time

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