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Do you remember...
Gidney and Cloyd?

May 7, 2010

Gidney and Cloyd are fictional characters originally appearing in the American animated television program Rocky and His Friends (now known, along with The Bullwinkle Show, as The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show). Their names were adapted from the names "Sidney" and "Floyd", which Jay Ward said were the most boring names ever.

Their skin is green with black spots and they have tufts of hair on the tops of their heads; they appear to be unclothed. They are able to disappear and reappear at will; they can disappear completely but sometimes their eyes remain visible (like the Cheshire cat's smile). Physically, they are nearly identical, although Gidney has a mustache, while Cloyd wears a belt and holster for his scrootch gun.

Fondly remembered if grossly underrated, Gidney and Cloyd were the unsung co-stars of Rocky and His Friends. Two goodnatured men from the moon, the duo most notably appeared in the episodes "Jet Fuel Formula" and "Metal-Munching Mice."

They first struck up acquaintances with Bullwinkle when their spaceship ran out of fuel and sort of crashed into our favorite moose's backyard. Ultimately, Bullwinkle was able to set them asail again using his grandmother's Mooseberry pie--known for its heaviness and "kick"--as temporary fuel.

While they visited Bullwinkle was able to distinguish between them by remembering that Gidney was the one with the moustach and Cloyd... Cloyd was the one who could "scrootch" people.

The scrootch-gun, carried in a holster at Cloyd's hip, had the power to freeze targets in time and space--for moments or for years.

Too bad they weren't quite series regulars, as something as promising as a scrootch gun had the potential for countless story arcs. Writers didn't leave Gidney and Cloyd on the moon forever, of course. They came back to bring the mice from the aforementioned episode "Metal-Munching Mice" to Earth so that they could feast on every TV antenna on the planet.

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