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Captain Battle, Jr.

May 18, 2013

Everyone knows that saving the world is not a one-man job. But did you know that for Captain Battle, it was very much a family affair? A wounded World War I veteran, Jonathan Battle devoted his post-military life to the mission of ending all warfare. Though he lost an eye to his own years in battle and had no superpowers to speak of, Captain Battle employed a number of then hi-tech tools and weapons that aided him in his quest. Among his weaponry were a Curvoscope, which allowed him to see any location on Earth, a Dissolvo gun, which turned nerve and bone tissue to gelatinous goo and a Luceflyer, a jet backpack which allowed him to travel just a little slower than the speed of light.

Captain Battle made his comic debut in the May 1941 Silver Streak Comics #10. His anti-war antics were so popular that he became the subject of his own comic, Captain Battle Comics, later that year. With his sidekicks, Hale Battle, Kane and Jane Lorrain (who played secretary to this “one man army”), Captain Battle fearlessly strove to uphold the principles of Americanism and the Constitution.

But after a year or so of bucking the system, Captain Battle sustained a potentially career-ending injury in battle. As readers waited with bated breath for Captain Battle to convalesce, another fearless crusader, bearing the Battle name emerged.

William Battle, Jonathan's adolescent son, found a way to cope with his father's precarious health by secretly carrying his crime-fighting torch under the superhero title, Captain Battle, Jr.

In green britches, blue boots, a brown flight jacket and helmet and a red scarf, Captain Battle, Jr. was disguised enough to go unrecognized by Baron Doom, a treasure-hunting Nazi, and the rest of his father's foes.

Captain Battle, Jr. was the true one-man army, as he had no sidekicks and a scant collection of weaponry stolen from his father's arsenal. Junior opted to take undercover assignments in the European theater of military operations, mastering the art hand-fighting over the gadgets upon which his father so heavily relied. Even so, he fought enough crime and made enough strides to have three issues of his own comic book published between the years of 1943 and 1944, surpassing his father's comic reign which ended in '43.

Soon, Captain Battle, Sr.'s wounds healed. When, to his chagrin, he found that his son had taken over his mission, he grounded him, taking away his equipment and admonishing him not to fight any more battles until he turned 18.

Ah, the woes of overachieving adolescents.

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