Time to move on… a little sad today.

Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit my daughter’s father-in-law. We had put it off because I just did not know what to say to him. I knew he was dying of cancer and I guess the fact I went through this same situation a few months earlier, I just found it hard. You, know how it is when you are getting older and realize this happens to so many and it could happen to you at anytime, it is scary.

My daughter went to see him in the morning. She was restless at work and was between laughing and crying and her bosses told her to go see him. She finally did and she was the last to see him alive and I am glad she did. She needed this as she never had a chance to say goodbye to my father when suddenly passed away. We both flew to my parents house when my mother called and we saw him and there was no chance to see him off. This time she had a chance to say goodbye just as I had done with my friend a few months earlier. Sometimes that is important.

Kelly, is a trouper and an organizer and she will be a blessing to her mother in law and will keep things moving along.

My grandson, Anthony, a bright and wonderful boy came up with the most beautiful thing to say after he was told. He was asked how he felt and he said he was okay because he knew his nonno was going to be okay because he was now at the gates. When he was asked what gates, he said those in heaven where Jesus is there to let him in. So he knew that everything was going to be okay for his nonno. I love that boy. I wish my father had been here to see him.
Okay i have to stop now, I’m getting somewhat over whelmed. Thanks for listening. Goodbye Luigi, your family will miss you.