So now it’s turned into a game…of dare!!!

Author Offers $100K to Charity if Emma Watson Spends Week in Migrant Camp. Hollywood celebrity accused of hypocrisy over mass-migration stance.

Hollywood actress Emma Watson is being asked to spend one week in a notorious European migrant camp in exchange for a $100,000 donation to the charity of her choice.

Lawyer, author and free speech activist Mike Cernovich, who first made the offer last May, re-issued the proposition Wednesday alongside a petition calling for the same.

The petition, created by a separate mass-migration proponent, similarly calls for the Harry Potter star to “spend one week in a Calais migrant camp for feminism (without bodyguards).”

“In order to show how safe current migration is to Europe, particularly regarding the cause of feminism (I reject wholeheartedly the notion that North African and Middle Eastern migrants are unsafe, and rapists), Emma Watson should spend a week’s holiday in a Calais migrant camp, without guards of course, to show how safe, and how pro feminism these migrants are,” it sarcastically states.

The proposal first made headlines in January after garnering 8,000 signatures – although that number has now more than tripled.

Watson and other rich Hollywood progressives have been accused of demanding an increase in mass-migration while totally ignoring the mounting negative consequences in the name of political correctness.

The French refugee camp, often referred to as the “Calais Jungle,” has been steeped in controversy over continued violent acts from its residents.

After journalists were attacked by migrants in the camp last year, far-left groups demanded footage of the attack be removed offline in an effort to control public opinion on mass-migration.