Despite massive police presence: Cologne hit by mass sexual assaults again

Happened again…nothing new of course. It will happen again and again in Europe. This will be the new Europe for a long time to come. Unfortunately this Muslim situation of rapes is just bound to start embolden rapists that are home bred and not Muslims. They will figure that if these guys can get away with it, so will they. It is the changing face of the world, unfortunately.

For most people the first day of the carnival in Cologne was synonymous with samba, dancing and colors, while for others it ended up in ghastly sexual assaults, just over a month after hundreds of women in Cologne experienced the same on New Year’s Eve.
According to BBC News, the police in Cologne has so far received 22 reports of sexual assaults during the carnival-night to Friday.

The number is, according to police in Cologne, higher than last year.

Thursday had otherwise been calm, without major problems, but a number of people managed to change the night into a nightmare for many.

The carnival is being held in the shadow of terrorist threats and the sexual abuse that took place on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, the police have been present in large numbers, which apparently was not enough to scare away sex offenders.

Scary deja-vu

Last night’s assaults comes in the wake of a New Year’s Eve, when several hundred women claimed that they had been sexually assaulted.

The new accusations have poured fuel onto an otherwise already heated immigration debate in Germany, as several of the women have reported that the assailants were in large groups of men consisting of primarily Africans and Arabs.

Several women said they had been fondled on the breasts and between the legs at the same time by the men, and that several of the women were robbed.