18-year-old Muslim migrant sentenced to 20 months in prison for ANAL RAPE of 72-year-old Woman WILL NOT BE DEPORTED

Pamela Geller writes…
A teen asylum seeker who raped a 72-year-old woman has been jailed for 20 months… (more here). 20 months? Why not years?

At the same time, it was revealed that after serving his sentence, he will not be deported, as the sentence is not more than three years, according to a report in the Kurier newspaper.

This is why Europe is doomed.

If readers want to complain/protest directly, they can send it to the judge who made it possible for the Afghan “refugee” to escape deportation. I’m sure she understands English.


“Austria: 18-year-old Afghan asylum seeker sentenced to 20 months in prison for anal rape of 72-year-old woman,” Diversity Macht Frei, January 28, 2016:

On Wednesday at the State Court in Vienna’s Neustadt an 18-year-old Afghan was sentenced to 20 months in prison without parole for rape. He also has to pay 5000 euros compensation to the 72-year-old woman, who has been very marked by the attack.

The incident on 1 September last year created a sensation: the penioner was walking her old dog in the Schwechat meadow near Traiskirchen in Lower Austria, when she encountered two young asylum seekers swimming in the river. According to an acquaintance of the victim in the witness stand, the boys were “also very nice” at first, they even helped the woman over an embankment. “But then one them fell upon her from behind.”
What exactly happened that afternoon in the meadow that is much loved by pet-owners, we did not learn at the trial, because the public was excluded during the testimony of the victim and the accused.>However, DNA traces confirmed that the pensioner was anally raped. The then 17-year-old Afghan was quickly caught. He does not dispute the crime, but says he was drunk. His friend says he wasn’t aware of the rape.

Christine F. takes her head in both hands, closes her eyes. “When I think about it, cold runs through my back. What did I do for that to happen to me?”

Her daughter Sylvia – a committed refugee helper – believes and hopes that her mother was unconscious during the crime. What does Christine F. feel for her tormentor? Despite all of the torment, she even feels some sympathy.

Oh, and it’s been confirmed he won’t be deported after serving his sentence.
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