Boy immigrants have sure changed

Wow…immigrants sure have changed from when I came to Canada. this article shows how much it has changed. It is almost ludicrous to read what seems to be important to immigrants today. Well read on…

Migrants at the Ter Apel camp in the Netherlands have complained about feeling “bored”, having to eat bad food and not having fast enough internet.

A video posted on Live Leak shows the migrants, who many believe to be desperately poor refugees, complaining about the lack of home comforts in the camp.

One says how “breakfast is small, lunch small” with another adding how “bored” they all feel. “You can just eat, sleep, use the slow internet, it’s so bad.”

He added, in surprisingly good English: “We asked them for language courses, but they said we don’t have it now because this is an emergency camp.”

The first then complains how the authorities haven’t given him enough money to buy cigarettes.

The video concludes with them complaining about the “service”.

Ter Apel is the main centre where newly-arrived migrants must present themselves for registration.

In June, it was revealed that the Netherlands’ asylum bill had hit a record €870 million a year. The NLTimes reported at the time:
It was not immediately clear if the amounts provided to those agencies is only for their work directly related to asylum seekers, or if it is broader budget data.

Also, while some 56 million went to investigative and research services, about 26 million was earmarked for free legal representation of asylum seekers.

Dutch NGO Nidos also received 24 million euros to provide education, welfare and guardianship services to youth refugees. Another NGO, Vluchtelingenwerk, received 6.3 million euros to help with integration, reunification, and asylum service. Other organizations received 700 thousand euros.

The figures mean that each asylum seeker costs the Netherlands around €36,000.