Ex-Muslim Bosch Fawstin’s New Comic Book Character ‘Pigman’ Wages War Against Islam

A new comic book series entitled The Infidel, Featuring Pigman is waging a new war against Islam in the uncharted territory of comics. The series comes out of the mind of someone who recognized the error of Islam from an early age and after becoming outraged witnessing 9/11, knew of only one outlet to express his rage against Islam and Pigman was born. Appearing recently on The Flipside with Michael Loftus, cartoonist Bosch Fawstin explains how it all came about.

Fawstin was raised in a so-called “moderate” Muslim family where he witnessed first hand extreme misogyny and Jew-hatred, even admiration for Hitler within his own family. He said most of the women in his family were beaten, proving that being Muslim was anything but moderate. “That was my first experience with Islam, so I knew there was something wrong with it even as a kid, especially being raised in America,” Fawstin explained.

As he grew older, Fawstin grew out of his family’s religion and found a compelling voice in the writings and philosophies of Ayn Rand:

So I went from Muhammad, from the most misogynistic, Jew-hating ideology on Earth, to a philosophy created by a woman of Jewish descent.

And now, Fawstin is the world’s first anti-jihad comic book author and illustrator.

On the show, Fawstin explained that the seed of Pigman was sown after 9/11. Once that horrifying event occurred, he began revisiting his background and decided to respond in the only way he knew best — through comic books:

I was in a rage — I was in a flat-out rage, and not just about the atrocity, not just about our fellow Americans jumping out of the towers, but our pathetic response to it. From our government officials to the media telling us how peaceful Islam was.

The only reason why we’re talking about Islam is because of 9/11, because of jihad, because it doesn’t mean peace.

Fawstin created Pigman — an ex-Muslim, donning pigskin leather, unleashing war against the jihadists. In Fawstin’s work, Pigman is doing something “that our government is not doing.”

“Our government has not allowed our military to wipe out the enemy,” Fawstin said. “They could’ve done that weeks after 9/11, but they chose not to. So this is my response as an artist, Pigman.”

Fawstin reminisced about the days of old when Marvel comic books showed Captain America punching out Hitler. Now, he laments, they create Muslim superheroes through the characters of Ms. Marvel and the Muslim Green Lantern.

Because of the subject matter in his cartoons, Fawstin’s comics are only found on ComiXology, because they have been rejected by everyone else.

Fawstin described the setting for The Infidel, Featuring Pigman: New York City on a rooftop as 9/11 happens. The man who will become Pigman is with his friend, Muhammad, arguing as the first plane careens overhead. As the two witness up close and personal what is surely a terrorist attack, Muhammad drops to the ground praying, “Allahu Akbar.” On the other hand, Pigman vowed then and there, “They’ve come to kill us and will die for it.”

Host Loftus asked Fawstin to defend his so-called controversial take on Islam:

Islam is Islam. Every Muslim’s Quran, whether they’re ‘moderate’ Muslims or extremist Muslims, has the passage, ‘Kill the infidels wherever you find them.’ Just because some act on it and some don’t, doesn’t mean that the religion doesn’t exhort Muslims to do it — and that’s the religion.

Muslim’s prophet was a warlord — he was an absolute warlord. He killed people, he cut people’s heads off. This is the religion that we’re dealing with. And these guys on 9/11 were true believers. They were the ones who actually brought the book to life in a way that we never have seen before. Flying planes into buildings? No religion does that. No religious followers do that.

All Muslims are innocent, we are guilty until proven Muslim. That’s the way Islam works. The only innocent are Muslims, period. But they need that propaganda because if people knew the truth, the people who say Islam is peaceful would be laughed off the stage, if not worse.

Loftus brought up the argument from those that would try to equate Christian fundamentalists with Muslim extremists by using the Old Testament commands of stoning women caught in adultery for example. Fawstin didn’t agree and explained the difference:

Old Testament versus New Testament — people talk about that. There is no Old Quran versus New Quran, there’s one Quran. It’s always been the way it is, because they didn’t embrace the enlightenment, Muslims. They rejected it completely. So whenever you see a Muslim going off on jihad, there’s nothing in his religion to stay his hand — nothing, zero — especially when he has his super role model Muhammad. ‘Well, Muhammad killed, I’m going to have to follow in his footsteps.’ And if they don’t kill, good for us, but they’re not following their religion. And they’re trying to sell them that they are following their religion when they’re not.

Loftus asked for further clarification of whether or not there really is a moderate Islam. Again and to the point, Fawstin explained:

No, there’s just Islam. Islam is immoderate by nature. There are quote, unquote moderate Muslims — Muslims who ignore the Quran, again, good for us. I want more Muslims to ignore the Quran. But those who take it seriously, like ISIS, let’s say, today, Islamic State, there is no Muslim who has an Islamic argument against ISIS, they just say, ‘I hate them.’ Okay, that’s all you have?

Loftus agreed saying Muslims aren’t very quick to point out passages in the Quran that would condemn what ISIS is carrying out, as he recalled President Obama’s insistence that ISIS is not true Islam. Fawstin couldn’t have agreed more:

Our government’s job, it seems, post 9/11 was to protect Islam, not us. You know, defend Islam, defend Islam, from George Bush to Obama.

Watch the full interview below: