Thoughts for today

Unless the peace loving Muslims stand up against these bastards and go after them themselves we will never be able to trust them. During the second world war nations that fought the enemy did not not trust all Germans, all Italians and all Japanese. Even though some of them fought against the enemy they were still not trusted. So how do you trust anyone who could be or become your enemy at the drop of the hat. England and and France will eventually go the way of Civil War like they have in African states. This is inevitable. All our political correctness will never change this fanatical enemy. Unfortunately this will lead to many more deaths because we have allowed the wolf into the hen houses of the world. Years ago when the Muslim population was low in Western countries they had time to adapt and meld with the societies they joined but with millions of Muslims moving into various countries of the world enmasse this does not allow them to join but instead will try to get the the natives to change using any methods possible. Hell, we did with the North American Indians didn’t we they let us in and we took over….so what is the difference. In ancient Rome, Romans let outsiders and slaves in and they destroyed the Rome of the time. This has happened throughout history and we just keep repeating our own stupidity. So we can all politically correct ourselves out existence. Learn from history or except the changes to come. they will win because we are becoming soft and ignorant and they continue to be what they always were…warriors who fight for their beliefs and they give no quarter. They are the strong and we will lose unless we wake up. This is not racism or religiouism (sic) but facts. We are heading backwards because we fail to understand and accept the past. Too bad for us.