Surveillance cameras in parks.

I am sure Counciller Sam Merulla means well, but really do we need to spend money on more cameras to spy on citizens in parks. The reason send to be to catch illegal garbage dumpers. It seens to me this has been an ongoing problem forever. Instead of spending a fortune of our taxpayer dollars on more cameras and enforcement why does the city have FREE garbage dumping at the city dump. People dump because they do not want too pay. I was just at the dump this morning discarding a truckload of junk and it cost me $8.50 a reasonable sum but for some they can’t afford or don’t want to pay. So, I don’t understand the ratioale behind the cameras and extra enforcement, just make the dump free and use all that money on stupid cameras and equally useless enforcement to staff it better even thiugh what they have now seems sufficient. Preventative measures are ysually cheaper than enforcement unless of course the city is just trying to make more on fines and really has no wish to prevent. I’m sure the councillors can come yup with idiotic reasons not to do this so how about a referendum on this subject and screw more surveillance in our lives. Something took think about.