Pray for them.

At this time of year when Christmas comes around I would like everyone to try and remember and pray for all the displaced Christians who are struggling to survive in Islamic countries. Pray for all the thousands that have been killed. Pray for all those that have been displaced from their homes. Pray for all those who are still trying to survive in the Middle East and in Africa. Pray that God will help them and punish those Islamic terrorists that have taken the lives of so many Christians in His name.

When the United States invaded Iraq after 2001 there were 60,000 Christians in Mosul. By last year it was down to 30,000. Today there are none. In the past decade there were 12 million Christians in the Arab world but in this past  has increased each year.decade a quarter of them have emigrated and the flow out is increasing each year.

I would really like to say that we should also forgive these killers but I can not and for that i feel sad, especially at this time of year. It’s hard to say MERRY CHRISTMAS when this is going on. Maybe this will end soon.