By now most everyone in Canada has heard of the big controversy over the Royal Bank of Canada’s seemingly disdain for its Canadian employees. If you haven’t read about it, I have included an article for you to read.
We can bitch and complain about how RBC seems to have a disdain for the Canadian customer and the Canadian in general. When all is said and done and we do our usual song and dance the CEO’s and other bigwigs at the RBC will still walk away with millions and we will not be any farther ahead. The only weapon we really have is the ability to remove our accounts from this once Canadian bank (sic). Do you want to show them you care about what they do then don’t argue or bitch just go in and shut down your accounts and let them know why. It is that simple. A friend of mine told me, that we can rant about this but it really is not going to faze the bigwigs, they will still get their salaries and eventually move on with little care or concern about you or me. That is the cruel truth of the corporate world. Corporations DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU…they only care about money. The government can try to impose its rules but eventually they will slink away into a corner and let the banks do what they want. The only way we can affect them in our own small way is not to do business with them. I don’t and haven’t for years with the RBC as I didn’t like their policies, it is up to you to decide whether or not you care about their tactics. We may not be able to shut them down but we can show them that we care about what they do. Do you care enough to do what you know you should do? Do you care enough to make it clear to our politicians that we care what they do about this situation and will remember their actions come election time?

I would like to think that my friend is wrong and that we can affect the corporate world. I am one those foolish individuals who really believes that corporations can be driven out of business buy the consumer. I refuse to believe that corporations can survive if the consumer does not work and be able to buy their product. My friend tells me otherwise. His belief is that corporation big wigs don’t care as long as they get their money and can then cut out and run. I wonder if he is right. Can business survive if the populace doesn’t work and make money to spend on the corporate product, he says yes and I say no. I believe that if Canadians don’t have jobs they then don’t have money and they don’t have purchasing power and thusly fire employees who then couldn’t purchase what the corporation sells and eventually the corporation would go out of business.
Bottom line is we should not purchase items from corporations that harm the Canadian worker, but, that is easier said than done, but it can be done.