Crazy Scooter People

I’m going to try not to sound like a real asshole here but sooner or later something has to be done about crazy, rude and ignorant scooter drivers. I feel sorry for anyone who has to resort to using one of those motorized vehicles but I don’t think they should be allowed to run roughshode over pedestrians. They drive them too fast on the sidewalk and many have become terrors in malls. Today, I was in Toronto walking around city hall when I hear a guy shouting at a pedastrian to get the f%#k out if his way. The guy looked at this old guy and kept walking and then slowly moved out of the way at which point he yells at me to move. I turned to him and told him that since he is a motorized vehicle he has to watch for pedestrians …..holy shit on a stick the guy just tore in to me, swearing and screaming at me and then he grabbed my arm and told me he was going to get up and beat the crap out of me….needless to say my response was less then polite but I walked away because I realized the guy was looney for coco puffs. Unfortunately, I’ve seen these people run over peoples feet and bump them et cetra and never I have seen one apologize even though I’ m sure some must. Even so I certainly think it’s time that police start ticketing them when they act this way. I believe they fall under the motorized vehicle act and thusly should conform to the rules. I wonder how many people have to be seriuosly hurt before these Mad Max’s are stopped?