After much thought I figured out why the Islam religion bothers me. It has turned me from a very tolerant person to an intolerant one. I hate it because it makes me suspicious of some very good people who I have known for a long time. It makes me suspect some people who really only want a good life but are afraid to change because of retribution from their own. I hate it because so many put this religion above loyalty to their new home. I hate it because when I studied the religion in college, I defended it to others because so much of it made good sense. Now I see it as a religion controlled by religious leaders that just want power and control. To control people they dictate lifestyles, spout misogyny, tells women their bodies are so precious to a male they must hide it but worse of all they tell young men to go out and die so they can go to heaven faster. I hate it because it can not bring itself out of the medieval age and join the real world. I hate that it terrifies me for the world of the future. Still I hate it most of all because it has me writing about how intolerant I have become. Thanks for nothing.