A day doesn’t go by nowadays when there isn’t some article or news story about how we have to fight racism. They say we should not be against people because of their skin colour, their sexual orientation or which county they come from. I agree with them but when they say that religion is included in that list then I think that that is where the problem begins.

Many people today are intolerant of Catholics and other religions because of molestation and people are terrified and intolerant towards religious terrorists of the Islamic persuasion. Look at most of the wars and problems around the world right now, most of the problems are religious based and most come from Islam. So, are people justified in being racist towards religion? Of course they are and all of us should be.

There is no reason to be racist towards someone from a Muslim based country as most are quite peaceful and when they immigrate it is usually to obtain a better life but the problems come when the religion becomes more important than their life. Look at the bombings, the misogyny, the honour killings based on religion. What about the rapes by Islamists of Western women because they are considered ungodly, the harassments by Muslims of people who walk dogs past mosques. In Britain people who don’t dress godly are harassed illegal Islam police gangs for walking by their mosques. Sure there are a few Imam’s and Muslim leaders who when questioned on television and papers say they disagree with these things, you rarely see them out on the street shutting down the trouble makers. Where are these Islamist good people when other radicals are causing problems, do they go out and counter protest against crazy Islamists? No they don’t and why, because they justifiable fear these crazy religious zealots.

Religious racism should exist because if it doesn’t then the zealots will continue to terrorize us as well as the law abiding God loving Islamists. Should we not be racist towards Islamic groups that go around in Africa and kill entire villages because they are Christians? Should we not feel racism towards Islamists in the Middle East that bomb and kill Coptic Christians? Why should we not be racists towards Islamist countries that kill Muslims that convert to Christianity? We don’t kill Christians who convert to Islam. Of course we should feel racism towards a religion that thinks God commands them to kill those who do not convert to Islam. Obviously, this obscenity is not the goal of all true Islamists. I have never had a Muslim friend or acquaintance try to convert me or my friends to Islam. okay there are some that try to convert you peacefully on street corners in Toronto, but they are no different than Jehovah’s Witnesses or Christians that try to gain converts and they should be allowed to as long as violence is not in the equation.

When violence is used to convert people to different religions then yes we should be racists against these zealots. When a father and mother kill their children because they want to be more Westernized or want to marry someone they love, then yes we should practice racism against them. When religious zealots march with signs in the West that say down with democracy, or behead someone or chant for Sharia law or insult the country they now live in, then, yes we should must practice racism and we should practice it loudly because if we do not then they, WHO ARE THE REAL RACISTS will win.

Yes, I can see many of you will think that I am a racist but I am an immigrant who came here for a better life, to adjust to the country that is my new home. I did not come to Canada to convert of you to Roman Catholicism or to tell you that your laws are stupid and to treat your women as second class citizens. I did not come here to ask you to behead your leaders or bomb your Churches but I did come here to be a part of a great peace loving and tolerant society. So, when some asinine, misogynist, medieval religion comes here to try and change us then yes I will be a racist against that religion. When some fundamentalist Christian bombs a Church or an abortion clinic then yes I will be a racist against them as well. I will not be a racist towards the true PR actioners of a peaceful religion. Once we eliminate the true racists who want to harm us because of any religion, then we can say we are safe and did a fine job in making the West a true free society.

Definition of racism

[mass noun]
the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races: theories of racism

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superiour: a programmer to combat racism

I find it interesting, that in the definition, religion isn’t specifically mentioned but politicians and politically correct people seem to include it. So, are we racists for being against a religion that is racist? We can all think on it and maybe stop politicians from telling us what we should believe so they can score votes.