Pakistan sentences British paranoid schizophrenic to death for blasphemy

Okay I am going to rant…I need to, honest. Mind will blow up if I do not get this out, so here goes.

I don’t care what religion one belongs to but when people forget that the religion is there for them and not the other way around then that religion has to be really considered outdated. The problem with the radical Islamists is that they live in the past.

They are afraid of the future. Fundamentist everywhere, no matter their religion are like sheep. They are incapable of free thought and can not for the life of themselves be responsible for their own actions. Therefore it is their belief that they answer only to a higher authority, that rewards them for doing what humanity should be doing anyway, with the ‘carrot on a stick’ religious dogma.

You do not need religion to be a good person; you do not need religion to treat a woman as an equal; you do not need religion to make you treat people with respect; you do not need religion to prevent you from taking a life and you certainly do not need religion to run your everyday life. People who do this, no matter the religion are incapable of free thought and choice, which is quite silly considering that God gave us FREE WILL to do what we wish. So, why are there still those in all religions who are incapable of FREE WILL and must try to do everything they think God wants them to do. Why are these people not able to comprehend that if God is what they say he is, then, he doesn’t need our help to punish people for him. Islamists who are always killing and terrorizing for Allah are being disrespectable to to their God; Christians also.

GOD…DOES…NOT…NEED…YOUR…HELP…IN…TAKING…CARE…OF..HIMSELF…AND…ANY…OF…THOSE…HE…FEELS…HAVE…WRONGED…HIM. Are you incapable of understanding this or are you all a bunch of animals covered in wool.

If someone pretends or thinks he is God or Allah then these two powerful beings punish or ignore these individuals because they can take care of themselves, thank you. If he thinks that person should be punished then he will do the punishing and he needs not one iota of assistance from anyone, especially all of you zealots. Do you Islamists and Christian fundamentalists not realize you are being disrepectful to your supreme being. Who are you to think that you are so pious and so powerful that you can take the place of GOD/ALLAH. If this is what you all gained from the teaching of Christ and Mohammad then you are sorrily lacking in the proper humility that you should have.

Now if a person breaks a human made law that deals with humanity then sure, go ahead and punish the person, but never punish a person for breaking GOD/ALLAH’s laws because it is not your place to do so. There lies the problem with all religious zealots of all stripes. These ignorant people think that they are likened to God and try to punish others like God/Allah. What presumptions they have; what unmitigated gull they have to place themselves on the same level as those they worship. If this is what we think of religion then really, do we deserve to even have a religion? Not really, because it seems these people believe they are a god themselves and thusly can make laws that affect their ‘god’ and so they have no god because in their mind they are god and they believe that they are better than the rest of us because they are doing the righteous thing little realizing that they are just ignorant, sorry excuses for human beings. Everyday I see more and more. that the only true respectful people are Atheists because they do not pretend to be anything more than humans.

Below is the article that goi me on this rant…

An elderly British man with paranoid schizophrenia who claimed he was the Prophet Mohammed has been sentenced to death in Pakistan under the country’s blasphemy laws.

Despite a long history of mental illness, Mohammad Asghar was convicted and sentenced Thursday in Rawalpindi, where he is currently being held at the high security Adiala Jail. His lawyers said he has attempted suicide and suffered a stroke while incarcerated at Adiala. He was arrested in 2010.

His defense, who submitted his health records in the case, say his illness explains the allegations that he told a tenant, who was renting a piece of property he owned in Pakistan, that he was the Prophet Mohammed.

His lawyers, who asked to stay anonymous based on the sensitivity associated with the blasphemy law, told the Daily Telegraph that they fear Asghar may attempt suicide once again.

“We want to stress that Mr. Asghar is in a suicidal state and that the authorities need to put him on suicide watch; he has suffered a stroke and has already tried to kill himself in prison.”

A Pakistani medical board called Asghar mentally fit, clearing the way for the death penalty. He is to remain in jail for five years before he can appeal the decision.

Asghar, 71, was once sectioned under the Mental Health Act and was treated at Edinburgh’s Royal Victoria Hospital, where he was diagnosed.

In an affidavit for his defense, Dr. Jane McLennan, who has treated him, said his history of illness goes back to 1993. She said Asghar suffered a stroke in 2000, which exacerbated his condition and left him with facial palsy and a limp.

Not long before his 2010 arrest in Rawalpindi, Asghar was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital with “grandiose” paranoid delusions, believing former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush had sent secret agents for him based on his opposition to the Iraq war. He also believed Pakistani and international media organizations had bugged his home.

Upon his release in March 2010, he left for Pakistan on heavy medication that Dr. McLennan said he unlikely continued. She said he was at high risk for suicide, offering to treat him in Edinburgh.

He was first arrested not long after leaving the hospital, when a tenant he was thought to be trying to evict from one of his properties gave police several unmailed letters in which Asghar claimed to be the Prophet.

Pakistan’s strict anti-blasphemy law prohibits such slander of any recognized religion. Penalties range from a fine to death. Many see the law as tool for misuse against Christians and other religious minorities in the predominantly Muslim nation.

“We cannot mention anything about Mr. Asghar’s family; blasphemy is a very sensitive issue in Pakistan and we ask that our own names are kept out of the press for our own safety,” one of Asghar’s lawyers said.

Two top Pakistani politicians, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti, were murdered in 2011 for opposing the law in defense of a Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for “insulting Islam.”

A spokeswoman for the British High Commission in Islamabad said it was aware of Asghar’s case and condition, but could not offer comment, AP reported.

Amnesty International has called for Asghar’s immediate release.

“At a time when Pakistan is reeling from a spate of abuses which perpetrators seek to justify as a defense of religious sentiments, reform of the blasphemy laws is more urgent than ever,” said Amnesty International’s Deputy Asia-Pacific Director Polly Truscott.

Can you believe it is so bad that lawyers are afraid for their lives if they defend someone. This is so shameful it is disgusting. How can people live in fear of people that do not repect their own religion and their own rule of law. Middle aged crap.