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A False Hope of a Reformed Islam

There is an ongoing fantasy that Islam can be reformed so that it is moderate. This ignores the fact that Islam is based upon the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed, none of which can be changed. A recent effort of good will towards Jews by Muslims is a false hope. Look the Catholic Church is not about to change the Bible, so why would anyone expect Muslim’s to change their Koran. This will NOT happen.

Islam can be a violent faith, says Queen’s chaplain

Well, I doubt this will come as a surprise to anyone even though many will say that Islam is a religion of peace. There are passages in the Koran which ‘invite people to violence’, one of the Queen’s chaplains said last night. There are more than a few passages but hey I’m sure this chaplain was being diplomatic.

Reverend Canon Gavin Ashenden, the former chaplain of Sussex University and one of 35 who serve Her Majesty, expressed concern about more than 100 passages in the Muslim holy book.

But the Church of England priest declined to say whether parts of the Koran are ‘evil’, instead advising people to make up their own minds.
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One Man Holds a PATENT That Could Crush MONSANTO and Change The World

This may be some of the most important information for those wanting less chemicals in our food. What you are about to read holds tremendous potential to radically change the entire world in many positive ways.
Monsanto does not want this article to go viral, for if it does, it could very well bring about their demise.

In 2006 a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets. Even though Paul is the world’s leading mycologist, his patent has received very little attention and exposure. Why? As stated by executives in the pesticide industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when they say disruptive, they are referring to it being disruptive to their chemical pesticides industry.
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Dragons Discovered in Indonesia

Agni (Sanskrit name meaning “fire”) is the newest hatchling of a recently discovered species in Indonesia. He was given the name by members of the initial research team because of his red wing coloring. While local Zoologists (scientists who study and classify animals) are hesitant to use the name “Dragon”, there is an unmistakable resemblance between this new species and the mythical dragons of ancient lore.

Barely a week old, Agni can expect to triple his current size within a month Keep reading, more amazing info below!

waterCalifornia has ordered emergency water restrictions on residents while Nestle, fracking companies, and large farms have been granted an exemption even though they account for 82% of the state’s annual water consumption (residential accounts for 12%). At 1.1 trillion gallons per year, almond farms alone consume 10% of the state’s water, or as much as entire city of Los Angeles.

Sweden cancels Saudi arms deal after human rights row

Sweden has ended a military deal with Saudi Arabia over human rights issues. The break comes after the Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström was allegedly prevented from making a speech at an Arab League meeting.

Sweden announced that it would not be renewing its military cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia, effectively ending the 10-year-old defense ties due to mounting concerns over rights issues.

“It will be broken off,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said Keep reading, there’s more to learn

The Muslim population of America is expanding at warp speed

Good article coming your way. It is interesting to note that the increasing Muslim population is largely due to the fact hey don’t prescribe to the notion of legal abortions and in birth control. The West has caused this problem in it’s decreasing population by accepting these two states that keep down the birth rate. Since more Muslims are born every day than are Westerners it will eventually become necessary to let more Muslim immigrants into countries with low birth rates. Since many countries are so far behind in the ability to recover their population it will become almost inevitable that Muslims will over populate the world. The United Sates thanks to Mexican immigrants keep the American birth rate up and slow down the immigrations of Muslims but the rate of Muslim growth is constantly growing day by day. So read this article and accept the inevitability a change in the new world to come.

Even when Muslims are a minority population they can and do transform whole cultures and societies. And not for the better.

Why? Because their holy book is a totalitarian ideology founded on submission and world domination. And toward that end, Islam is on the march. Meanwhile, the West remains mired in cowardice and complicity. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in Europe, which is on the fast track to join the Caliphate.
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New US Patents Could Signal The End Of Pesticides & GMOs

The original idea of GMO’s wasn’t a bad idea. The point was to give us a larger harvest to feed the ever increasing population. Sounded good at the time but it quickly became a corporate cash cow and the original idea has become perverted. When these companies spray foods with chemicals that they guard themselves against the very stuff they are trying to feed us. Here’s hoping that something can be done. Along comes this article for you to ponder.

Humanity is facing a a major crisis: our immediate environment is being riddled with pesticides, making us unhealthy faster than we can study the effects. In addition, these pesticides are contributing to a massive reduction in our bee population and a general decline in soil health.

The companies that profit from making these pesticides have made it clear they won’t stop, and our petitions to the EPA and FDA are mostly ignored due to revolving door leadership between pesticide makers and government regulators. Is there an answer? Yes there is! Keep reading, there’s more to learn

GMO Potatoes Have Arrived. But Will Anyone Buy Them?

Really folks here is a company that has created GMO potatoes just to get rid of a few black spots on fried potatoes. Really? This is an issue? Are we really that shallow that we would eat GMO’s just to get rid of a black spot. My God. Here is the article that tells you more about this stuff.

On the face of it, the new potato varieties called “Innate” seem attractive. If you peel the brown skin off their white flesh, you won’t find many unsightly black spots. And when you fry them, you’ll probably get a much smaller dose of a potentially harmful chemical.

But here’s the catch: Some of the biggest potato buyers in the country, such as Frito-Lay and McDonald’s, seem afraid to touch these potatoes. Others don’t even want to talk about them because they are genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Keep reading, there’s more info!

REALLY???? Saudi Arabia ‘surprised and dismayed’ at criticism of flogging of liberal blogger

BadawiSaudi Arabia has rejected strong criticism from a German ambassador over the treatment of a liberal blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes and ten years in prison for insulting Islam in his blog.

The sentence was criticised by German vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who described the punishment dealt to blogger Raif Badawi as “unimaginable”, ahead of a meeting with the Saudi King on Sunday.

German news agency DPA quoted Gabriel as saying: “the harshness of this sentence, especially the corporal punishment, is something unimaginable for us, and of course it weighs on our relations.”

But Saudi Arabia have since hit back, saying it “expresses its intense surprise and dismay” over international criticism. Blogger Badawi has already received 50 lashes in a public square in January but further rounds have been delayed after pressure from the international community.

Trade between Germany and Saudi Arabia reached $12.4 billion in 2013, with exports from Saudi Arabia accounting for $418 million, Associated Press reports. However, the Saudi Press Agency put out a statement made by an unnamed Foreign Ministry official claiming they will be not be moved by international pressure based on the pretext of human rights.

They said the kingdom “does not accept any interference in its internal affairs” Keep reading, there’s more outrageous crap below!

ISIS’s Next Crusade: Italy

These ISIS assholes are really looking for a massive religious war. If they want Catholics around the world to go crazy then just carry out this threat. Logic and thinking do not seem to be in ISIS skills… but they sure are damn good insane killers. I may not be a fan of Islam but even I can see these guys sure as hell in no way represent that schizophrenic religion. These guys are really not helping Islam figure out it’s two faced structure. It says it is a religion of peace one minute and then the next it proceeds to terrorize anyone who do not agree with it. ISIS is even more extreme than thet but now it is really pushing as it threatens to take it’s war of hatred to Italy and the Vatican. Wrong move for sure.

The last time the Islamic State (ISIS) aimed its grisly propaganda machine at Italy, Rome responded with a collective shrug. In August, when the Italian press reported that the jihadist group was targeting Pope Francis, the Vatican considered it “nothing serious.” The pontiff fired the head of the Swiss Guard (apparently for being “too strict”) and continued to move freely about the continent without his bulletproof “Pope-mobile.” Keep reading, more insanity below!

More ISIS bullshit… they destroy Middle East history

More of ISIS acting like the savages they are:

Another blow to Christianity and civilisation: ISIS destroy 4th Century Mar Benham monastery in Iraq

Barbaric Islamic State militants have dealt yet another blow to Christian history in Iraq by using explosives to destroy the 4th Century Mar Benham monastery.

The ancient building, built by Assyrian king Senchareb 1,600 years ago, stood in the Christian-dominated town of Bakhdida, just 20 miles south east of oil rich ISIS stronghold Mosul.

Locals took to social media to share images of the massive blast, which reduced the ancient monastery to little more than vast piles of rubble.

The attack was later confirmed by Kurdish journalists familiar with developments in the city.
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