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Below this entry is the an obit on the Muslim woman who was beheaded by ISIS for fixing teeth. This beautiful young lady was a Muslim, Murdered by a Muslim State following Sharia Law.

Here is some info about Sharia Law. If anyone has further info to enlighten us please feel free to let us know.

Sharia , or Islamic Jurisprudence is based on the book (Reliance of the Traveller and Tools of the Worshipper, also commonly known by its shorter title Reliance of the Traveller) a classical manual of fiqh for the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence. The author of the main text is 14th-century scholar Shihabuddin Abu al-’Abbas Ahmad ibn an-Naqib al-Misri (AH 702-769 / AD 1302–1367). Al-Misri who based his work on the previous Shafi’i works of Imam Nawawi and Imam Abu Ishaq as-Shirazi. Ibn Naqib follows the order of Shirazi’s al-Muhadhdhab (The Rarefaction) and the conclusions of Nawawi’s Minhaj at-Talibin (The Seeker’s Road). This work consists of the soundest positions of the Shafi’i school. (aforementioned was taken from Wikipedia but is very accurate)

In short it is the law that groups like ISIS, BOKO Haram and other Islamic States like Saudi Arabia and Iran follow. Here is something that all should know. The Wahhabi and Salfai sects of the Sunni Muslim based in Saudi Arabia are the main propagator’s of this doctrine throughout the world using petro dollars. Whereas the Qur’an, Sunna and the Hadiths are the Holy Books of Islam ( Not just the Qur’an as many commonly think) The Reliance of the Traveller is the backbone of the day to day lives of the Muslim people in many countries.

Most Muslims may say they want Sharia in their countries, but once it is imposed there are often mass demonstrations against it, look at Egypt for instance. It should also be noted that Sharia does not recognize the rights of women as we do in the west. They may say they respect women, but if one takes a closer look it’s a respect based on a 14th century mentality which is far different than ours.

For more information  read the works of the following Muslims Dr. M Zuhdi Jasser, Raheel Raza and Raquel Evita Saraswati.Raquel Evita Saraswati

Though, many Muslims do hold some barbaric notions such as death for apostasy, the subjugation of women, Female Genital Mutilation, et cetra. One has to understand it is not necessarily their fault. Many times the Imams hold to the most barbaric and literal translations of the Qur’an, Sunna and the Hadiths even believing that the world is flat. (I’m not kidding). If that is all you are taught from at young age, are illiterate and a spiritual leader told you those things, why would you believe in anything else? We must still have compassion.

Sharia Law is something that should never be allowed to take hold in any country. Probably it would best if no religion was allowed anywhere.

Thought for the day

After much thought I figured out why the Islam religion bothers me. It has turned me from a very tolerant person to an intolerant one. I hate it because it makes me suspicious of some very good people who I have known for a long time. It makes me suspect some people who really only want a good life but are afraid to change because of retribution from their own. I hate it because so many put this religion above loyalty to their new home. I hate it because when I studied the religion in college, I defended it to others because so much of it made good sense. Now I see it as a religion controlled by religious leaders that just want power and control. To control people they dictate lifestyles, spout misogyny, tells women their bodies are so precious to a male they must hide it but worse of all they tell young men to go out and die so they can go to heaven faster. I hate it because it can not bring itself out of the medieval age and join the real world. I hate that it terrifies me for the world of the future. Still I hate it most of all because it has me writing about who intolerant I have become. Thanks for nothing.

May you rest in peace Dr. Rou’aa Diab

This is a sad state of affairs but I wanted to put this on here because it is a sad case of religious idiocy.dr.diab

“In memory of Dr. Rou’aa Diab, a female dentist, who was arrested by the Islamic State on August 22, 2014. She was arrested with four others in Al-Mayadeen, a city on the border of Iraq. Without proper trial, Diab was charged with the crime of “treating male patients,” and was executed. As fellow dentists, Dr. Diab was a colleague to each of us. She was beheaded for helping prevent and treat dental disease. She should be recognized for her bravery and dedication. And her name should never be forgotten.
May you rest in peace Dr. Rou’aa Diab,
Howard Farran ”

It is disgusting to think that  these assholes would kill someone just for fixing teeth. ISIS killers unfortunately only fallow the dictates of their religion as they see it and that is the real shame in all this. Hopefully these idiots will have a fast end.