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One Minute Sermon

I don’t know who and I don’t know where, but I do know that she’s got it right! SO RIGHT!!
It’s very brief (1:00 minute) so turn up your sound and pay really close attention! Full screen is recommended too.This is a “sermon” that is both brief and very effective….she is absolutely outstanding! ENJOY!!

Muslim professor appalled by police actions against Rabbi

Toronto, Canada Police Inspector Ricky Veerppan recently threatened that if Rabbi Mendel Kaplan allowed anti-Islamist activist Pamela Geller, to speak at his synagogue, Kaplan would lose his job as a chaplain with the police department. The following is a letter written by Salim Mansur, member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, to Inspector Veerappan in Toronto, Canada.
“I am writing to you this letter on hearing pressure applied to Rabbi Mendel Kaplan of the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue in Thornhill to cancel an event with Ms. Pamela Geller. Continue reading

Toronto, Canada: Sharia 1, Free Speech 0 – more bending over for Islam

Toronto police block speech by anti-Islamist activist but allow terrorists and Islamists to speak freely.
Toronto police have threatened a rabbi that if he allows a speech to be given in his synagogue by a well-known anti-Islamist activist, he will lose his job as a chaplain with the force. What the cops don’t protect our free speech laws anymore? But wait, there’s more!

Muslims Against Islamists: Abdul Majeed Abid

I thought this article by Ryan Mauro would be of interest.

Abdul Majeed Abid is a medical graduate in Lahore, Pakistan that first began writing criticisms of Islamism in Urdu last year. He is the assistant-editor at Pak Tea House, a leading blog in Pakistan that promotes liberal values, where he regularly challenges political Islam, conspiracy theories and historical biases in Pakistani textbooks and pop culture But wait, there’s more!

7 Things You Can’t Say in Canada–Number Seven

7. The United States is the World’s Greatest Force for Good

Of all the shocking things you can say around the dinner table, this is the most shocking one. After all, America-bashing is part of our national identity.

At best, we see our neighbour as a well-intentioned but arrogant and blundering bully that throws its weight around too much. At worst, we see our neighbour as one of the most evil nations in the world. And yet, right now, hundreds of millions of people in India and China and other desperately poor parts of the world are being liberated from millennia of suffering and serfdom. Why? Because of the United States, which has spread its idea of economic freedom—and its purchasing power—around the world.

Boycott Royal Bank Of Canada: A supporter’s powerful letter to the PM about the RBC and TFW scandal!

This needed to be passed on to all of you…

RE: RBC Outsourcing IT jobs to India’s iGate

Dear Prime Minister,

Over four years ago, RBC shut down all three of its Technical Support (IT) call centres (in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal) and outsourced everything to India’s iGate. I was one of the 200+ Technical Support Analysts nationwide who lost my job to iGate. I really liked that job. It had decent pay and I got to work with a great bunch of guys. That I have the added challenge of a physical disability (cerebral palsy) in today’s recessed job market makes my loss of employment all the more disappointing. Continue reading

Watch The Video That Coca-Cola And McDonald’s Hope You Never See

Some highlights:

1:14 How her daughter’s obsession with one particular person made her realize what was happening.
2:20 Can you guess how much money the food industry spends marketing to kids?
3:15 There’s even a term for the way they make children more annoying.
3:55 Find out just how many thousands of ads kids see if they watch a regular amount of television.
4:30 Here’s why just turning off the TV isn’t a solution.
4:50 Learn which school supplies are now sponsored by junk food.
5:54 Find out how companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are straight-up conning school communities to buy their products.
6:47 Here’s what she finds most upsetting.
8:10 And here’s how they get even more information about kids.
9:30 She talks about the life and death consequences that hang in the balance with this issue.
10:24 We’re seeing the most depressing innovations in health care now thanks to the food industry.
12:00 You’ll never believe where McDonald’s wanted to advertise.
13:01 Find out who’s fighting these food behemoths and saving generations to come.



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This man was the great Nikola Tesla. If everyone were more like him, we would have a better world that was not ruled by corrupt politicians and greedy corporations. To all of you, up and coming youth of today…this is the man to emmulate, not the giants of greedy corporations. We could easily have a better world.

I know it’s inconvenient, but we should ask why these things happen

Death in Bangladesh. Why? Well greed of course.
Government wants foreign investments so turn a blind eye.
Corporations will expect the government to control their entrepreneurs and manage building codes which, of course, the government ignores because they want the corporations who are interested in cheap labour. Do not for a minute believe that the corporations do not want cheap labour or really care if the government does its job, after all these corporations really can’t tell the governments what to do… usually.
…and then it finally comes down to us. We are just as guilty as the governments, But wait, there’s more!