The original 1935 SCROOGE
Seymour Hicks plays the title role in the first sound version of the Dickens classic about the miser who's visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. This British import is notable for being the only adaptation of this story with an invisible Marley's Ghost and its Expressionistic cinematography. This is the uncut 78 minute version.
The acting is kind of old-school melodramatic, but that's just the times. There's no attempt to explain away Scrooge's loathesomeness with bad experiences in his youth or any of that folderol; he's just vile. And Tiny Tim, while well-played, isn't milked for his cuteness. The whole focus is on the sin-and-redemption theme that the book centered around. This is the best adaptation of the iconic tale I've seen yet, and the more so for not being too far adapted.
Director: Henry Edwards
Producer: Julius Hagen
Production Company: Twickenham
Audio/Visual: sound, black and white


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