‘Twilight’ Available On-Demand The Same Day As DVD

March 19, 2009

If you’re at all a Twilight fan (either of the original books or the movie - most likely it’s both) then you’ll probably be aware that it comes out on DVD this Saturday (in the U.S. that is - the UK still has a few weeks to wait). For many teenage girls, this was the movie event of the year, and I’m sure the DVDs will be flying off the shelves in a couple of days.

But what if you don’t want to shell out money for an overpriced DVD? What if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home but still want to watch your beloved Twilight? Well, continuing a growing trend, Twilight will be available on-demand the same day it is released on DVD.

TVN Entertainment (the world’s largest television on-demand company) has announced the movie will be available in its entirety (no disappointing choice of just specific scenes as opposed to the whole thing). Here’s what the Vice President of Programming for TVN had to say:

“It is exciting to be working with a new studio partner, especially one with such strong titles in the pipeline. Summit is an impressive addition to our studio roster and underlines TVN’s commitment to providing the most exciting, comprehensive VOD service in North America.”

The president of domestic television distribution for Summit Entertainment added:

“Video on demand is an increasingly important component in our overall digital distribution strategy,” said Alex Fragen, the president of domestic television distribution for Summit Entertainment. “TVN’s powerful interactive toolset gives us the visibility and flexibility to manage and analyze our new release timing - including simultaneous VOD-DVD releases.”

It’s clear that the studios are hoping to narrow the gap between theatrical and on-demand releasing, with upcoming films such as Knowing, Astro Boy and New Moon (surprised?) to follow suit. It’s undeniable that with the bigger, better and (most importantly) cheaper the home cinema systems get, the less and less people are going to want to go to the trouble of heading out to the theater, pay for overpriced admission, and shell out for the ludicrously expensive food and drink (to name but a few of the theater-going complaints and ills).

There’s probably a good chance that you’ll even be able to get the film on Friday night, before it even goes out on DVD, as an incentive for any extra-keen fans out there.

There’s no news as of yet if this “same day multiple release” will be available in all countries that it’s being released in (including the UK), but I would be very surprised if it wasn’t. My personal choice would probably be to just rent it at some point down the line - even though I really liked the movie (certainly a lot more than I thought I would), I’m not absolutely desperate to see it again.

So what’s your choice for this weekend when it comes to Twilight? DVD? On-demand? Or have you no interest in watching, either again or for the first time?

As mentioned, Twilight comes out in the US on DVD and Video On Demand on Saturday (well, Friday at midnight), and on April 6th in the UK.

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