First of all, Canada and the US need to over the next several years, fish out all the Muslims in this country that have proven themselves to be poor citizens to this country and the US. This includes even the smallest criminal record and send them back. Then, the US needs to close it's borders to all remaining Muslims in Canada and not let them in. Canada needs to do the same thing and not allow any Muslims from America in here (yes, believe it or not, they are taking over the US too) Then, both America and Canada and even Mexico, need to completely close the international borders to ALL Muslims. Ya I know Liberals will whine and say "Well they're not all bad" Well, I gotta say, this is simply a case of some ruined it for the rest. 95% of all terrorist attacks committed are Islamic extremists and it just keeps coming. Now we got India in the list of victims. And as horrible as it is, Canada will get ours, these 17 people are only the tip of the ice burg, and how nice one of the little "home-growns" was released on 15,000$ bail. What is more important: Racial Profiling or National Security? I put my money on National Security. I don't care about offending Muslims, they're entire way of life is hating the infidel and offending the other race. I mean schools and businesses can't even say Merry Christmas or call it a Christmas Tree anymore. But we CAN say "Happy Ramadan" or "Happy Ede".

I don't know about you, but I feel a little uneasy when I see an Arab airline land at Pearson International, especially when I work at the big FedEx hub right next door. The suicide bombings will never stop, the plot to destroy the infidel will always go on, yet this country still continues to let these threats in. Tell me why is it so hard for a British, or any European to get status or citizenship in this country but a Muslim can come in no problem? September 11 '2001 should have been an immediate red flag. Denying one race entry to this country will not harm Canada's ways, we will always be a multicultural country. They'll never know we are denying ALL Muslims entry, all they gotta do when one comes to the border is, make up some excuse why they can't come in (basically what they do to all the British, Russians, Germans etc. that try to get in and can't) and we're singin! Just my opinion is all. There is a LOT more I have to say on the topic, but it is definitely too much to be posted online.
Drive-in Girl

I do not agree with evrything you've said but at least in this country you can still say it without fear someone will kill you for saying it. Let us hope it remains that way.
It is interesting that like you a lot of youths I've spoken to, fully expect and are resigned to the fact that sooner or later the inevitable terrorist attack will occur on Canadian soil. The youth of this country will eventually have the final say over what happens here, so help youur government plan it's course of action and practice your religion and make it strong.