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DC’s The New 52: Why So Serious?

December 12, 2013 by Donny Guilmette

For all the great things Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have given us, it has also taken away… The average person fell in love with the films and the characters presented in them. So DC seemed to have decided that is the direction of the Bat-verse in the New 52. No longer would the Joker tell Scarecrow that he is afraid of “Bad Sushi” no, from here on out he’s just going to cut his face off!

Now Christopher Nolan can’t be entirely to blame, no. Afterall in most cases it’s the dark and dreary that tends to sell books now a-days. But why is it only DC that’s lacking in the humour? Marvel has Deadpool, Wolverine & The X-Men, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man and A+X among others. Outside of the big 2 you have great comedic books like Sex Criminals, Chew, Saga and the newly released Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

DC_New_52_HumorI must admit, I’m yet to read Harley Quinn #0, it’s in my stack, but outside of that and Larfleeze (think Deadpool in space), DC has brought very little to the table. Now some of you may be saying “Wait, but Donny what about Suicide Squad, Catwoman and The Green Team! These are truly funny books” To those I say, Suicide Squad has been all over the place, and although it is a good book, it doesn’t keep a consistant tone, funny or otherwise. Catwoman is more of a sly-pun kind of humour that makes me crack half a smile, hardly something to write home about. The humour in The Green Team comes from the fact that the book itself is a joke in my humble, and often times correct, opinion.

Hopefully somewhere a DC editor is reading this thinking “Oh geez, he’s right! We must think of something to add to the new 52 to add some comedic relief to the universe” don’t worry DC I got you covered. Here are 3 ways to tickle your readers funny bone:

3. New Robin – That’s right it’s been long enough that Batman has been without a Robin, it’s time he gets a new one! Instead of going back to the orphanage to adopt a new crime fighting ten year old why doesn’t DC go with a long beloved character that the audience knows. This character is all play like Damian Wayne, but also a renowed detective like Tim Drake… You guessed it! Bring back Detective (Robin) Chimp! What’s better than a monkey wearing a hat? Answer: nothing.

2. Superior Foes of Batman – Have John Layman write this team-up of the worst Batman villains available, and there are a lot! Imagine Calendar Man, Signalman, Condiment King and Mr. Polka Dot all putting their collective D-list minds together to try to commit devious crime and avoid run-ins with the Bat family.

1. The Real World: Watchtower – Let’s face it. Reality shows are all the rage right now, and we really don’t know what the Justice League do in their down time. Sounds like a surefire hit! Can Batman and Superman really live together? Can Aquaman stand being so far away from home? Will Cyborg and The Flash finally get together? DC editorial doesn’t like happy superheroes so the answer is likely no. But we won’t know for sure until this book gets made!

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