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DC Comics leaving New York for California

January 3, 2014 By Hugh Armitage

DC Comics has announced its departure from New York for Burbank, California.

The company is to end its stay of over 75 years in Manhattan by 2015.

DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson informed the New York office's employees via an official letter.

"I can confirm that plans are in the works to centralise DCE's operations in 2015," she wrote. "Next week, the Exec Team will be in New York for a series of meetings to walk everyone through the plans to relocate the New York operations to Burbank.

"The move is not imminent and we will have more than a year to work with the entire company on a smooth transition for all of us, personally and professionally.

"Everyone on the New York staff will be offered an opportunity to join their Burbank colleagues and those details will be shared with you individually, comprehensively and thoughtfully next week.

"Meeting notifications will be sent tomorrow to ensure the roll out of this information and how it affects the company and you personally."

The move has been rumored ever since the restructuring of the company in 2010

DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio are based in California, as is chief creative officer Geoff Johns.

DC Comics was founded as National Allied Publications in New York City in 1934.

DC president Diane Nelson explains West Coast move

DC Entertainment's president has addressed the move of DC Comics' office to the West Coast.

Diane Nelson has said that the decision to centralise the company in its Burbank, California offices is to prevent people from feeling "disengaged".

"Literally everything is more difficult," she told The Wall Street Journal, regarding working across two offices on opposite sides of the country.

"We had a huge Halloween party and a costume contest with the Burbank office and New York on a remote screen. We use all the best technology to make sure we're remotely connected. But it still always falls apart. People feel disengaged.

"That's not a good way to run a company. When you have a creative business and ideas generated from people working together, I think you can work happier together."

Nelson promised that the move was not a matter of efficiency, and that no-one who wished to remain with the company would be losing their job.

"The driving factor for me is having DC as one company together ourselves," she continued. "Our ability to work more collaboratively with the whole studio is certainly a benefit.

"I believe everyone in DC will feel more a part of Warner Bros in the best ways. But it isn't about more of our people talking to the film and TV people.

"This is not the corporatisation of DC. It isn't about folding DC into Warner Bros. We're going to help DC feel like more of an important priority in Warner Bros."

DC Comics has been based in New York City since it was founded (as National Allied Publications) in 1934.

"There is an emotional aspect and a legacy to the publishing industry in New York and for DC specifically that we will miss out on," said Nelson. "We need to acknowledge that is real."

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