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MPAA Admitted Piracy Will Always Be Around

October 11, 2010

Two top executives for the Motion Picture Association of America recently gave an interview, expressing their views on copyright in the modern environment, as well as on the anti-piracy approach which comes with it. They believe their group will never stop fighting against copyright violations, and admit that piracy won’t ever be defeated for 100%.

MPAA’s top executives, Craig Hoffman and Fritz Attaway, involved in designing the entertainment industry’s anti-piracy tactics and in communications for the entertainment industry body, were recently invited for an interview to voice their views on copyright and the entertainment industry in the modern environment.

Hoffman and Attaway talked on such subjects as “three-strikes” regimes, fair use and future of DVDs. Besides, they gave some information on the decisions made in MPAA over the years. The main idea of the interview was that although the organization thinks the rate of the piracy can be reduced by beating the pirated movies by availability and quality, the representatives don’t believe the piracy will go away forever.

Fritz Attaway explained that they of course will do whatever they can in order to disincline unauthorized access of their movies, but at the same time the group has no illusions to be completely successful. Piracy will stay with the industry forever, although MPAA will try to keep it at a reasonable level, allowing copyright holders to earn enough revenue to recoup expenses, thus providing them an incentive to continue making new films.

Attaway is quite optimistic that the organization will be able to achieve that, claiming that a very large part of the industry members is currently developing new business models providing the consumers an opportunity to access the copyrighted works absolutely legally in the way they would find affordable and more convenient than an illegal one.

When compared MPAA’s anti-piracy efforts with those of the RIAA, the MPAA representatives argued that although the two groups chose different ways to pursue their goals, they both act very aggressively. The reason why MPAA doesn’t use “sue-em-all” tactics so widely is that because it’s very expensive in comparison with the other ways to achieve the industry’s goals – for example, education, or encouraging the development of new business models.

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