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Lost Heroes of the Golden Age Episodes

October 7, 2015

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Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.1 Blue Bolt
A short documentary about the Golden Age super hero Blue Bolt. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.2 The Black Terror A short documentary about The BLACK TERROR. The Terror was one of the most popular SUPERHEROES of the GOLDEN AGE, but is now forgotten by the general public. A number of note worthy artists and writers worked on the character including SCIENCE FICTION writer EDMOND HAMILTON. Another Terror writer was PATRICIA HIGHSMITH who went on to write STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY. She also wrote THE PRICE OF SALT which was one of the first critically acclaimed Lesbian/Gay Novels. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 3 DareDevil This is a short documentary about the Golden Age Superhero DAREDEVIL. Before the NetFlix original series...before the Ben Affleck feature film...before the MARVEL COMICS character...the original GOLDEN AGE DAREDEVIL was one of the most popular super heroes of the 1940s. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 4 Patriotic Super Heroes This is a short documentary about Patriotic Super Heroes who were created before the U.S. entry into World War II. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.5 The Green Lama Inspired by the real adventures of THEOS BENARD who was the person that did the first western academic study on YOGA in the 1930s. The GREEN LAMA was a PULP MAGAZINE and COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO of the 1940s. This short documentary tells the story behind the fictional character. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.6 Spacehawk A short documentary about the golden age superhero Spacehawk and his creator Basil Wolverton. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.7 The Heap The Heap was the original comic book swamp monster. He was the inspiration for Marvel's Man-Thing and DC's Swamp Thing. He appeared in Air Fighters Comics and Airboy Comics from 1942-1953. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.8 The First Super Hero A hundred years before SUPERMAN, a strange figure terrorized the streets of London. At first he was called THE GHOST, but it wasn't long before Londoners called him by a new name...SPRING HEELED JACK! SHJ grew into an urban legend and it wasn't long before The PENNY DREADFULS began retelling stories of his vicious attacks. These non-fiction stories weren't enough to satisfy the public's demand. In the 1860s, this character was turned into a costumed vigilante bent on revenge for wrongs done to him. In his adventures, he takes on scoundrels, saves people in trouble, and makes the bad guys cower. Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 9 The Phantom Lady The Phantom Lady was one of the earliest Super Heroines. She was printed by Quality Comics, Fox Publishing, and Ajax Publishing before landing into The DC Universe. Controversy surrounded her as she was a major target of anti-comic book crusades in the 1950s.

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