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Several 3D HDTV Announcements

January 7, 2010

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and several companies have announced plans for the first consumer 3D HDTVs to hit the market.

Sony Electronics is launching its 2010 Bravia® LCD HDTV series which run from 22-to-60 inches. Sony is also introducing 3D Blu-ray Disc Players to work with the system.

Main rival Panasonic introduced its Full HD 3D-capable VIERA Plasma HDTV range and a fully-featured Blu-ray 3D™ Disc player that run from 50-65 inches.

Samsung Electronics have also announced a line-up of 3D-capable LED & LCD HDTVs, a new 3D Blu-ray disc player and a tie-in deal with Dreamworks that will include a 3D Blu-ray version of "Monsters vs. Aliens".

Each company is using proprietary shutter glasses technology and boasting about their qualities, real world reviews and tests however will be seen when the models go on sale starting in the Spring.

Meanwhile DIRECTV and RealD are currently working together to deliver high-definition 3D movies and TV programming via satellite to DIRECTV subscribers. The company will be launching three 3D channels sponsored by Panasonic.

It is hard to picture people sitting at home watching 3D tv, wearing 3D glasses. Unlike theatres, people at home tend to multitask while watching television. Some knit, some read, some run in out of the kitchen washing dishes (that's me), some draw (as I do), some update their cheque book and set up their next day among many other things. Look, until they release the 3D televisions that require no glasses, it will not take off among the rank and file population out there. The idea of paying $100 for a pair of 3D glasses isn't going to make consumers happy especially after paying $3000.00 for a 3D set.

HD television has hardly had a chance to catch on and already we are asked to move on to something new. The industry is saying that within the next 5 years everything will be in 3D. Whether this will be true, we will have to wait and see. Just because they say it will be the way of the future, it will not necessarily be so. Well if the glasses are gone then, it will stand a better chance.

I am pretty certain that the film industry isn't exactly ecstatic about this turn of events. They are counting on 3D movies to turn the fortunes of Hollywood around. I doubt that this new situation will help them.

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