Tuesday July 25, 2006

Canada, Islam could be in conflict: poll

Boy, today I'm on a roll. I just have to stop reading the newspapers.
Read this article first and then come back...

Canada, Islam could be in conflict: poll

As you can, see the article refers to the increasing Islamic ppoulation in Canada and that some brilliant group did a study questionaire of Canadians on how they felt about Muslims.
Gee, you think during World War Two they did a study on how Canadians at the time felt about Germans, Japanese and Italians? Nope they just stuck them in camps.
Surprise, Canadians held a negative view of Muslims. Yeah especially after all those would be terrorists were picked up here in Canada. If we truly are on the brink of a Middle East War then this is to be expected and I am worried it could get worse since I have quite a few Muslim friends (and I hope they stay that way). But it is easy to understand Canadian unease.
Look at the growth of the Islam religion, in the article. As the population of the followers grows this will become a threat to our present way of life. Whether this way of life we have, is better or worse then what may await ,is something I will not have to contend with since I will be long dead.
The rest of you have every right to worry. The Muslim population is expected to double within 17 years. The Christian population will not continue to grow at that rate. Look at his:

******* In Iran *******

Birth rate: 17 births/1,000 pop. ...with Canadian health services this will be higher here.
Death rate: 5.55 deaths/1,000 pop. ....with Canadian health services this will be lower here. We're not killing each other as much here either.
Infant mortality: 40.3 deaths/ 1,000 live births (note: the Canadian rate is 4.6/1,000)
Life expectancy: 70.26 years... ah... that is the same here unless abullet gets in your way.
Literacy: 79.4%
So as the population grows more Islamics will be elected into power; into government, and as it has been known to happen throughout history the shift in the power structure will change and the laws and attitudes will change slowly to adjust to the larger power base.
Nowadays, we argue about whether we can put up up Christian symbols at Christmas time, so that we do not offend anyone of other religions. In this century and the next that argument will be moot. What I'm saying here is not fear mongering or race hatred. It is just the natural evolution of things. This is what Canada and the United States were supposed to represent, rule by majority. Government of the people for the people. The people change, the times change, attitudes change. It is the survival of the strongest, and here in Canada and the U.S.A without natural predators the strongest will survive and become dominant. Let's just hope we can still say that the new order will allow Christians to practice as we have let Islam practice under the right to the freedom of religion.
It is not the form of life, I want, but if the Islamic religion thrives and grows here and around the world it is because it is meant to grow, God stood by them as they have always said.
So do we as Canadians feel negative towards Muslims, yes, of course we do because we can sense in the air, the coming change; the change of dominance; the change of lifestyle; and especially the change of power. This is what Canada has always advocated, the freedom to be what you want to be; the freedom to practice ones religion; the freedom to run for power and to make changes even if we do not like or agree with the changes.
Since this form of democracy has little chance of taking root in the Middle East, the change will be here. The only problem will be...will the democracy that causes the change stay in control or will the power shift to the clerics and see an end to the the democracy we now enjoy.
Time and natural evolvution will tell, after all Homo Sapien won out over the Neanderthal. It is the way of nature. Any good X-Men fan will tell you that this is the way of the future. Yeah I know, that's fantasy, but so may be the belief that we will be able to hold on to the status quo.
See ya in the brave new world. No wait I said I would be dead by that time.

Tuesday July 25, 2006
Crazy or Brilliant?

I read some interesting news today.
It seems that Hamilton, like most cities are passing bylaws to put a clamp on the proliferation of signs everywhere. The editor who wrote the piece asked if Hamilton knew how big this monster really is. He stated that as fast as you shut down one means of advertising another one will rear it's ugly head, oft times in the most unlikely of places. I howled with laughter when he mentioned some of the new tactics.
* US Airways is starting to sell advertising space on air sickness bags.
* CBS has hatched an idea to promote its fall lineup by etching messages into eggs. It's being called eggvertising.
* Nickelodeon plans to print the cartoon images of SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer on packs of apples, pears, cherries and other edibles. "My goal is to have every fruit a kid would want to eat with a Nickelodeon character," says Sherice Torres, licensing vice-president at Nickelodeon.
Okay come on now, you just have to laugh at his right, right?
Yeah, but you know at the same time it's brilliant. Come on, I bet someone will put a pinhole in the bottom of the eggs and suck out the creamy goodness add sugar, beat it well and have a fast energy drink. Then they will neatly stack the eaggs back in their cartoon and collect them. Someday they will end up on ebay as priceless collector items. Heck, I already know guys who collect air sickness bags. The fruit on the other hand will be harder to collect because you will have to shellac the little buggers to keep them from rotting.
Yah, you laugh now, but see if it's funny when someone sells them on ebay for a tidy sum.
Oh, by the way if you want more info on the egg and sugar comment, write me and I will tell you all about it. it's delicious. If you're Italian you know what I'm talkin' about, managa.
Read the full article at... TIME OF THE SIGNS

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuesday July 25, 2006

Middle East

Okay, who thinks it's going to get worse before it gets better?
The world is nuts. Fanatics are crazy. Why can't we learn to get along.
Why? I guess it's because we're only ANIMALS, at heart, acting at being human.
I saw the new movie THE ANT BULLY, two weeks ago, and some of the wisest words, I've heard in a long time were said by the ants. Their view of man is quite unsettling but spot on. When you see this movie, this weekend, you'll understand. Take the kids to it; it is fun, enjoyable and will teach children and yourself, much.
How's that for a plug?
Do you think if we bury our head in the sand that these crazy terrorists in the Middle East will go away? Ostriches do it all the time.

Tuesday July 25, 2006

Dual citizenship attitude smacks of xenophobia.

Read this letter to the editor in THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR first, okay.
Okay, you're back, good.
Ms. Thoth, you are absolutely correct about Canadians becoming xenophobic. I agree no one should have their ties severed to the old country, especially me since I come from the old country, but, I decided that when I was offered to keep my Italian citizenship as well as my Canadian citizenship, I declined. Why? Well I would have had to go to Italy and serve 11 months in the Italian military. The only problem was that, if I was going to serve in any miltary it would be Canada's. This is where I live, work, have a family. This is MY COUNTRY, not Italy. I do not give up my roots, my heritage or my cheering for the Italian soccer team. But...I am a citizen here. If you want to be a citizen of more than one country, fine, but when you need help getting out of a war torn country, go ask the other country for help, not us. After all you sure didn't think this country was good enough for you to stay here, and work here. You don't need to be a citizen of another country to go and work there. I feel that if you have two citizenships you are being disloyal to one of them.
You know the new Dutch law is absolutely one hundred percent correct. When you go to another country you are leaving yours for a reason, whatever that may be, so learn to adopt to the new countries laws and traditions and respect them. Learn to speak your new countries language and customs and think about changing to accomidate your new home. The Dutch say to women, here you are equal, you can't be divorced by your husband simply because he tells you three times and if you want to dress like us you should be allowed to. As you all know, if a woman goes to Muslim country they have to comply to that countries dress code, whether you are a tourist or not. So why do we not have that restriction?
Once in your new country you should give up your citizenship to your old homeland, othewise stay home. Yah, Donald Sutherland, Jim Carrey and the rest of you. Canadian you may have been, but if you decide to become an American citizen then give up your Canadian citizenship. We still remember you were Canadian.
I'm venting now.
There is nothing worse then to have to hear from a new citizen how poorly Canada treats them, or how bad they have it here because people are leery of them because they wear a hijab while all the while collecting the benifits this country has to offer. One gentlemen who makes the best hummus I've had, told me he had to wait so long to get medical help that he went home to the Middle East to get quicker care. See people with dual citizenships are as you you put it in your Animal farm quote..."All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
You're in Canada now, suffer like the rest of us, damn it!!!
Oh Suan, you know why Canadians are becoming more xenophobic because there are crazy people from other countries and in this country who think that Christians are pigs and that they should be beheaded and bombed out of existance. They do not believe in your right of freedom. They are only interested in taking it away. Do you blame Canadians? Let me know when you get hurt in a bombing or some other terrorist act, okay. Explain to me why you suddenly became xenophobic if you're still alive.
God, I never thought I would be this way, but there are others out there who think God tells them to be the way they are and, that, is scary and makes me more xenophobic than I ever thought I could be. This is from a guy who fought all the way through childhood dumping on rascist Canadians who used to insult me because I was from some other country. At least those guys had the cajones to say it me face to face and didn't threaten to blow me up by flying a plane into my home or planting a bomb where I went to school. Things change I guess.
Oh since I made that comment about Arab dress, I respectively direct you to learn more about this, in a good way by going to this site for ARAB WOMEN customs and traditions. It is a darn good site.

Read a comment from a reader of this site...DRIVE-IN GIRL

Tuesday July 25, 2006

Merulla wins kudos for expeditiously dealing with flooding .

Just a fast note to Sam Merulla. You got cajones dude. Going up against your own city council and pullling a class action suit...you go guy.
Keep this up and someday you may earn the mayor title. Caring about the citizens who elect you is what a politician is supposed to do. I think it's brave of you and also very smart of you.
Read the letter to the editor in THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR by clicking here. SAM MERULLA
If you have the time write a note or give him a call to offer your support. Sam, I'm sure my cousin Dominec would have been with you on this.