Sunday October 01, 2006

I was reading an older news article which didn't exactly get wide spread coverage but I just had to share.

BOOMERANG is a cartoon network featuring older cartoons on satellite. A while ago I saw an article that in England Boomerang had to cut out all scenes that depicted Tom, of  Tom & Jerry cartoons, smoking. Over the years old cartoons featuring black characters in those old Warner Brothers cartoons have been banned from television. Of course religious groups in the US have been instrumental in removal of many cartoons as well. Now it seems that BOOMERANG has arrived in Iraq and guess what...a Fatwa (death warrant) has been issued against Bugs Bunny.

Read this article by clicking here...DEATH TO BUGS

Hey God is there any chance you can protect us from all these nutcases around the world who want to protect us from ourselves. This world is going to Hell in  a handbasket. I still maintain that religion should be banned worldwide. I lot more of us would be alive today if we got rid of relgion and religious fanatics.

Killing cartoon I've heard of everything.

Sunday September 17, 2006

Once again the world has to walk around on it's tippy toes so they don't offend the Muslem people. Once again they get mad at a Christian and they burn down churches and shoot a nun 4 times in the back. A nun for God's sake. No there is a real threat to them.

The Pope reads an historical text and these people take offense. Let us face it people they take offense at anything we say and we go like whimpering puppy dogs and fall all over ourselves trying to apoligize. Even the Pope apoligized, something rarely done. Well hell if he is going to apoligize for reading an historical text them we all might as well just get down on our kness and kiss their Islamic toes. It is what they want nad what they expect, so let us make like nice little pet lap dogs and do just that. After all they deserve our admiration.

Muslims fundamentialist and the other more tolerant ones are better than we are because they have suceeded in turning us into kiss asses. We apoligize for everything while they  jihad us,  fly planes into our buildings,  kill our soldiers and even managed to have the biggest symbol of the Christian religion apoligize for not saying anything wrong. We are afraid of them and so as I have said before the strongest will survive and it seems they will.

Muslim's over the next few decades will out number Christians by sheer population growth. They will prove the stronger because more of our population will turn to the Islamic religion and they will prove stronger because they are not willing to budge an inch and fight for their religion and what do we do? We say "I'm sorry for having offended thee". Yup the strongest will win. Survival of the fittest. That unfortunately is leaving us out of the picture. It's a shame.

Article to read.... Pope 'deeply sorry' for offending Muslims

Sunday September 10, 2006

This morning I had a chance to catch up with some taped television viewings. I sat and watched the CBC report on THE FALLING MAN. This title is in reference to the most famous picture of people falling from the twin towers on Sept 11, 2001. Right off the bat here I have to say that NO ONE should ever refer to these people as JUMPERS. Often in the film I saw they were referred to as jumpers, this has to be the farthest thing from the truth. Anyone watching this film or anyone who was a ground zero could in no way think these people were suicidal, which is what the term 'jumpers' refer to.

The film brought up the fact that some very religious families, Catholics, in particular believe that if you commit suicide you can not be buried in conscerated ground and that your afterlife will be spent in hell for all eternity. This was the fear of the Hernandaz family who was led to believe for so long that their father was the FALLING MAN. They refused to believe that this famous picture was of their father, Norbetto Hernandez but still they did fear that it might have been him until write Tom Junod started a more complex investigation that proved it was not Norebetto. Instead his investigations led to another man, Jonathan Eric Briley, the son of a very devout Baptist Minister. After the investigation it still could not be proven who the falling man was. Junod stated that it was best this way because the identity of this man was unimportant as he represented the tragedy of that day, as did the other people who fell. This picture is the same as that of the UNKOWN SOLDIER, it did not matter who fell, what mattered was what they represented.

I watched with the occassional tear sneaking out because after all the carnage of that day I realized that those people who fell caused me the greatest sadness. I realized that some of those people were blown out of the windows, some were probably, inevitable and irrevocably pushed out in the rush for fresh air and some had the courage to chose their own end. Some may say this could be construed as suicide. To those I would have to say, "are you nuts?" Look the peole trapped in that building tried to get out, a natural instinct. Those who knew they were trapped, knew their lives were coming to an end; no one would be able to rescue them. They knew in their hearts they were going to burn to death and it would be a slow agonizing death. I tried to put myself in their place and I have to tell you the idea is was just torture, because I am Catholic and suicide is something I would find extremely difficult to cope with and that is why I realized that no one that day jumped, no one committed suicide. Suicide is the willful decision to take ones life. No one on that day outside of the terrorists flying those planes had made the conscience decision to take their own lives. The people in those towers did not go in to work that day with the intention of killing themselves.

I put myself in their place and I realized that if I was in those buildings that I was trapped and that I would die. I may have been one of those that knew what really happened and I would have realized that day I was murdered. So I was dead whether I wanted to be or not. The only choice I may have had was to die quickly or to die a slow agonizing death from smoke and fire.

It was really hard, and, then I realized that as hard it was for me to even contemplate I would hope that I had the courage to do do what some of those people did. I realized that since I was dead anyway I might as well die free and not be burned to death. I realized that if I had the courage I would want those last 10 seconds of my life to feel the freedom of flight, and to be free from the fires. I realized that this would be quick and that at least their would be a body to bury and closure for my family. Most important to me would have been those last 10 seconds of total unbridled freedom and I hope that my act would be seen by those responsible as my final act of defiance against their acts of terror.

Would I have been scared. Damn right I would be.

To me these people took on the image of our defiance against these fanatics who would do this type of thing. To the families of those that knew their loved ones fell, I say be proud of them for their last, probably terrfying moments, were like a middle finger going up to the sky saying to their killers, 'screw you'.

Last thing to say is that I realized after seeing THE FALLING MAN, that if I had heard of the Catholic church denying the burial of even one of these brave souls in consecrated ground, it would be my last day as a Catholic. I am happy to say I have not heard this has happened.

If you have chance to see THE FALLING MAN do so and learn from it.
Wednesday September 06, 2006
Closure At Last
Well it's taken two years but the old staff of The Starlite Drive-In has closure at last. Back in August of 2004 one of our people was so bruttally beaten by a drunk patron that ...well let's say that I hadn't seen so much blood outside of a horror movie. Now the culpret has finally been put in jail where he deserves to be. Read the Spectator article below.

Victim of beating testifies at assailant's sentencing.
Tuesday September 05, 2006
An article to help educate
Jihads: From Muhammad To Atta

Okay last one for today. This is a good article to read.

I need to find something pleasant to write about.
Tuesday September 05, 2006

Hey maybe we should all push to consider a ban on religion worldwide. It would mean no more religious war and bull about God being on "their" side and bull about God being on "our" side. I think he has just about had it with all sides.

I bet He didn't have this problem with the dinosaurs for millions of years. Maybe the greenhouse effect is God's way to get rid of us and let the bugs take over. They will probably do better.

Me I would conside rtaking a rocket ship to another planet nad start from scratch. Anyone know if there is one available. I can dream can't I.
Tuesday September 05, 2006
Jihads and Crusades
I found a good article that should be read. It covers some good points on all sides that we try to turn a blind eye to. I found it informative and interesting.

Everyone must learn and understand that RESPECT is something everyone has to give to teh other. Right now it seems we give the respect and receive very little in return. Something to ponder.

Jihads and Crusades

Islam has better Jihads then we all hear they are below...

JIHAD OF THE HEART: to purify oneself and try to live as the prophets did.

JIHAD OF THE TONGUE: to speak out in support of social justice, to educate.

JIHAD OF THE HAND: to touch others with dignity and respect.

JIHAD OF THE SWORD: to fight, as a last resort, against economic and social injustice

Four Jihads will give you more information. Be informed, it never hurts.
Tuesday September 05, 2006
Just to be fair
I saw this video that should get equal playtime in my rantings. Our allies are not always just in what they do either. So watch this video and see sometings from the other side. I have not been a fan of Israel's push into Palestine for a long time, so here is a video worth watching.


It will take a minute ot load.
Tuesday September 05, 2006
Just my you P.C. guys
Kiss this goodbye in a Muslim world. Maybe some Muslim fundimentalist will see some image in this video and want it banned.

Watch this one.

I'm just pissed today after reading articles about you know what and seeing a good Hamilton boy killed in Afghanistan because we are helping people who would just as soon see us dead. No one seems to want to learn from history; especially us and we certainly don't listen.

You guys going overseas, try to remmeber that you are fighting for our rights to read, show and write what we want without fear of being jihaded to death every day.
Tuesday September 05, 2006
Now this is the height of ridiculousness
Here we go again...everyone is so afraid that even BURGER KING caves in. No wonder terrorisim is so effective against Westernes. Why would Muslim terrorists even consider stopping when crap like this goes on. When is enough, enough.

Read this article and then smack your head in disgust.

Burger King recalls 'sacrilegious' desserts

When they bend over you might as well kiss it to. Krikee!!
Friday August 25, 2006
Some unliving dead thing ate their brains.
Some zombie maust have eaten these guys brains. Ryanair a plane service in England wants to sue the British government becasue their security is to tight and cause delays. Someone out to put these guys together on a plane and hijack it so they can see what it would be like. Morons must have handed their brains to a pack of zombies. Wait a minute they didn't have any brains to begin with if they really go throught with this.

I guess next time I want to fly I'll do it on Ryanair....NOT!!!

Read the article.... Ryanair may sue over airport security
Monday August 07, 2006
Casting The First Stone
All this crap going on about Mel Gibson is stupid.

I would like to meet one person who has never honestly thought or said a racist comment. They may not mean it, or believe it but they have said it or thought it. Gibson was drunk (stupid) so he let slip out the little nagging voice that everyone has and keeps concealed in the lower recesses of their id. The most intelligent of people, the most saintly of people, the most politically correct of people once in a while let slip the thoughts of war.

Hey remember FORBIDDEN PLANET? Dr. Mobius with his massive intellect, living on a planet of once super intelligent and tolerant people, manages to subconsciously let let loose the creature from the ID. The monsterous creature from the deepest recesses of his subconscious manages to take control while he slept and destroyed all those he loved. The same thing caused the extermination of the entire planet's population when they learned how to manifest their sleeping minds into three dimensional terrors that caused them to destroy each other. The subconscious is always there and while we fight hard to suppress stupid thoughts, they sometimes manage to slip out, especially when our mind is weakened by alcohol.

So, people everywhere, give Mel Gibson a break. He was drunk; punish him for drinking and driving but for goodness sake forget the rest. His mouth just spouted what he has kept suppressed from centuries of intolerance planted in our heads by others, wars, newspapers, rulers of state ,and now movies. We are bombarded by intolerance everyday in the media, so once in a while it slips out. We know we're all intolerant to some extent but each day we say..."Today, I will not be intolerant." That is the beginning of tolerance.

Tolerance also means that we forgive intolerance, because ..."today we will not be intolerant towards an intolerant person. We will be better."

So lay off Mel Gibson already, you all helped shape his thoughts.
Monday August 07, 2006
Facts on Lebanon

I just thought I would comment on a few things about Lebanon that many probably don't know. Even though I don't like what's going on over in the Middle East right now, knowing a few facts never hurts.

Lebanon is a split religion country with Muslims and Catholics. The Hezbollah are not a terrorist organization that condones or allows suicide bombings. It is also a group that is not happy with Osama Bidden Ladin's tactics. Hezbollah does not go after the United States. Hezzbollah is a not only a military power but it is also a government party in Lebanon that is very people friendly when it comes to those it protects. The men will always helps those it protects, from making repairs to making sure people have food. This is why so many back the Hezbollah.

Hezbollah's enemy is Israel; it does not want to see Israel in the Middle East and is it's mortal enemy.

Remember that Israel is not completely innocent in all of this either. The Israeli government does do lots of nasties as well such as Targeted Assassinations. If it can't legally get someone, it sends out teams that perform lots of undercover assassinations.

Neither of these two are innocent in it's tactics and this entire war is between the why are we interfering? I don't think the U.S. or Canada or France would be too happy to have other countries trying to tell them what to do if they were in the middle of a war with an enemy. Maybe the best thing we can do is keep our mouths shut and observe and step in only when things get out of hand if they do. Maybe the two countries should do their own political dealings without our help.

It helps to remember that interference is not always appreciated. Sometimes the best hing we can do is sit back and watch and be prepared to help after everything is over. You can be certain that there will be people after this war is over that will bitch and complain that we didn't more while at this time those same people are complaining that we are interfering.

You just can't win. War is stupid. Death is always the only winner. If everyone ran around naked we wouldn't have wars. If God was as mercilful as we would all like to believe, he wouldn't allow this crap to happen. Yeah , I know all about the 'free will' crap. It's all crap. People are the problem. It's like the saying 'guns don't kill people...people kill people.' Well war doesn't kill people, people kill people. Get rid of guns and then people would not have wars. Yeah, right...out come the sticks and stones.

Time for the cockroaches to take over.
Saturday August 05, 2006
The Lesson of Indonesia

I've been reading the paper again and the means it's bad for you because then I come on here and bitch.

I suggest for those who haven't read the Spectator article from Saturday August 5/06 then click on Sharia Law and read it and take warning, becasue it almost happened in Ontario and it could still happen in the very near future.

I will no humm some intermission music while you read the article.

Okay you back, good because I was getting tired of humming. I hope you saw the scary part of that article.

Indonesia is now 88 % Muslim and it has the world's largest Muslim population, Protestant 5%, Roman Catholic 3%, Hindu 2%, Buddhist 1%, other 1%. This is a country that by law you must subcribe to one of the five religions.

This change happened within the last 40 years. As soon as they became more powerful in the country, look what happened, the clerics take over. It can't here you say...dream on.

The Dutch began to colonize Indonesia in the early 17th century; the islands were occupied by Japan from 1942 to 1945. Indonesia, primarily a Christian/Buddist and Hindu country declared its independence after Japan's surrender, but it required four years of intermittent negotiations, recurring hostilities, and UN mediation before the Netherlands agreed to relinquish its colony. Indonesia is the world's largest archipelagic state and in that time became the world's largest Muslim populated country in that 60 year timespan.

As you can see by the article it has regressed and become a country ruled by fear and superstition. The province of Aceh has a strong belief that the reason that the country is having so many problems is that there is divine judgement against the Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

A country ruled by superstition and fear of relgion. Is this something that awaits countries that need immigrants to populate their countries. Is this the future of Canada. We don't want to really look that far into the future because we are afraid and because we have to many myopic bleeding heart liberals.

Personally I think that the Italians should take over Canada; it would be a much more fun country. Let's move the entire Italian population that lives around Mt. Vesuvius to Canada before the volcano goes off again. Yeah, vino and amore.
Saturday August 05, 2006
Stop Picking On Our Prime Minister

Why is everyone picking on Stephen Harper? Wait. Why are bleeding heart liberals picking on Stephen Harper? Wait. Why am I defending Stephen Harper? I didn't even vote for the man.

Harper was voted in, and he is our Prime Minister so we have to accept his ways and beliefs of what he thinks is good for Canada. If we don't like it we can vote him out next election, which may come sooner than we expect.

The man is being criticized by many for his stance of what is happening in the middle East right now. Why? He hasn't said anything wrong. The only thing he is doing wrong in my opinion is being involved in the Middle East in any way whatsoever. It is no surprise to anyone who takes the time to read my ramblings. I don't think we should be involved over there and I don't think we should allow people, from countries that breed terrorists, into Canada, whether or not we need more cab drivers or skilled labour.

We should be training our youth to do the skilled labour jobs by paying for their tutions. We should even be forcing prisoners in jails across Canada to learn trades. Maybe that will help cut down on crimes after tehy are released. Once a prisoner sees how much they can make by being a bricklayer they'll never go back to crime. What those guys charge, is a crime. I should know I have lots of relatives doing that type of work and let me tell you, they are not exactly poor.

Harper's stance is fine. If the Lebanese government can't control their own people and those offenders attack another country or that countries citizens then it has a right to go to war, as offensive as war may be. If Canada tends to side with Israel, well that makes sense after all it's not Israel that sends terrorists around the world to bomb and maim people. Why should we side with a country or countries that allows this type of worldwide terrorist activity.

If the other Middle East countries cared about what is going on over there they should send in their armies to stop Hezbollah and help the legitimate Lebanese government regain control of it's own governemnt. But, no, they all criticize Israel (who they want to see destroyed), Canada, the US, France and others instead of doing their own dirty work.

Oh, and to those landed immigrant from Lebanon and other Middle East countries who are living here and are going to great pains to criticize Harper and our government for siding with the Israelis, may I suggest you go back there and fight with your countrymen. Oh wait. That's right a whole pack of you jumped on the rescue boats and came running to hide in Canada so you wouldn't get bombed, because you have dual citizenships. I guess it's easier to come here to criticize what Canadians do than to stay over there and fight.

To those who criticize and whine about what Harper is doing or who we are backing, may I suggest you go back home and defend your homeland if you feel it's important to you. If it isn't important enough for you to die for then please, keep your mouths shut and stop the criticisim. If I felt it was important enough, I would go and defend my country. If you are truly Canadian because you are a citizen and no longer a citizen of your homeland then abide but what is going on over here. Many people in the past left their adopted countries only to return to their home of origin to fight and defend it, because they believed in it enough to risk their lives, they were true patriots of their homeland.

If anyone out there thinks I am some kind of cold hearted bastard, then you are truly on the wrong path. The worst thing for me, would be to have to ever kill anyone, even an enemy soldier. The idea that little children and innocent civilians are being killed because of religion is absolutely abhorrent to me. It keeps me awake at night and praying to the universe to put an end to this strife. This is bringing me closer and closer to the idea that relgion should be banned worldwide along with all armies. It's a fantasy, I know, because man is nothing more than a predatory animal who has to kill to defend beliefs that were established centuries ago and have little meaning in today's world. This is all about priests and clerics maintaining power over the little people, something that has been going on for centuries and will continue, for centuries to come, unless we blow each other up first. The North Koreans may just solve that problem for us yet.

Monday July 17, 2006
Escalating World Unrest

So, it seems that U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich thinks we are in the early stages of a THIRD WORLD WAR.

You think??!!

Let's see, most of the world is on heightend alert. We have bombs flying everywhere. Religious leaders in the Third World are getting involved in the promotion of bombings and terrorist acts and Christians in the good ol' U.S of A are all pumped up to go after the heathens. Heaven help us when religion gets involved in world politics. Religions and nations all believe they have God on their side when they are pumping up for war.

You can smell that hand of Ares God Of War in the air, when even Canada is fighting and not just peace keeping. We have cowboy Stephen Harper getting together with cowboy George Bush allied against movie loving North Korean cowboy Kim Jong Il to stir up the pot. Then you have all those Islamic terrorists out after Israel and the rest of the world and what do you have....???

A world getting into deep cow do-do.

Everyone has dreaded the idea of a Third World War after Hiroshima but listen folks it could become a reality sooner than you ever believed. Nostrodamus predicted this war and the little bugger may be right. In the meantime may I suggest that you do a lot of praying right now. If you believe in a god, forward prayers and lots of virtual e-mails to your supreme being because we are going to need all the help we can get. By prayers I don't mean ones that ask for the elimination of the other side, okay? Just thought I would get that one straight for you. Some of you may have just been tempted to do that so don't.

You know, if we put all the religious leaders and crazy politicians in jails on the moon maybe we wouldn't have all this crap going on here on good old nurturing mother earth. Now, there is a good reason to start sending ships back to the moon.

Seriously folks, things are not looking to good right now. If Israel gets into an all out war in the Middle East, do not think for a moment that the West and most of Europe would not go to it's defense. While that is going on, the little opportunist Kim Jong will start sending his bombs to soften up his enemies while they are busy elsewhere. Bush and his fellow Americans are not going to let him get away with that and off they go into a second fray. Canada will be dragged into it with Japan, China, France and Britain and ka-boom you have a THIRD WORLD WAR with everyone's finger just itching to push that nuclear button. So what do we have....???

A world getting into deep cow do-do.

Everyone knows that when you go running through fresh cow do-do it gets sticky, icky and smelly. Can you smell it around the world right now?? You betcha.

This might be the time to stick our heads behind our ass and kiss it goodbye. I hope not.
Friday June 16, 2006

I just read this and I must say, good for you, ladies. Being a Catholic, maybe I should not be for this, but who cares. It is high time the Catholic Church allowed women priests. Get with the times. We are not allowed to discriminate in our society against women and yet the Catholic Church is allowed to get away with this. Why??? Read the article below.

Catholic women to hold ordination
PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- A group of Roman Catholic women plans to ordain 12 female priests and deacons in a ceremony on a Pittsburgh cruise boat.

The ordination, scheduled for July 31, will be the fourth of its kind since 2002, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. The previous three have not been recognized by the Vatican.

Joan Clark Houk -- who lives in the Pittsburgh area and plans to be ordained as a priest on board the Majestic -- said she believes she has a calling to be a priest. Houk, 65, was born a Catholic and has been active in the faith for most of her life.

"It is a sin for the church to discriminate against women and to blame God for it," Houk wrote in a letter to Pittsburgh Bishop Donald W. Wuerl and to the priests in the diocese.

The Rev. Ronald Lengwin, a spokesman for the diocese, said the church is not free to change Biblical teachings and the women would be opposing the church if they continue with their plans.

"I would say they have freely chosen to separate themselves from the church," he said.

Could someone point out to me where in the bible, that it specifically states, women can not be priests. Since other relgions seem to have accepted women, they probably could not find the passage that discriminates against women priests either.

It would seem to me at a time when the Church is losing members and doesn't even have enough priests, that this is an opnion worth exploring. Surely God does not hold to discriminating practices; surely God does not see women as second class beings; surely the Church wishes to survive; if so get with the times. If the Church believes all this then maybe it's time to change the Church before it is to late and it is over taken by stronger faiths such as Islam.

On a side note, it would certainly help to be able to go to CHurch here in Canada and be able to understand my priest. The lack of priests here in North America is so bad that the Church is bringing priests in from other countries to take up the slack. This is all good except that these priests are really hard to understand with the heavy accents and I get nothing out of the service and the sermons. I am ashamed to admit it but I doze off because I just can't get throught the thick accents of some. This is in no way their fault; it is the Church's fault for uprooting them and having them moved to countries that need them because there are not enough men wishing to become priests in our country.

It is time for the Catholic Church to change. It will take a brave Pope to allow these changes. The Pope has to decide to allow women as priests or allow priests to get married so more men will welcome the idea of becoming a priest. When I was in my younger days the main reason I would not even entertain the idea of priest hood was because I preferred to be married. Most men do, but, if married priests were allowed, I am sure that we would have more men becoming priests, that I could understand. Married priests and women priests, we need them both, and I am sure the majority of Catholics would not be upset or offended if the Church changed it's stance. It is time for the Catholic Church to grow up.

Tuesday May 30, 2006
Small Screens

So, someone tell me what is the preoccupation with the younger audience over small screens? Why is it that the younger set is interested in watching everything on ipods, and cell phone screens? They even love to watch epic films on little 6 inch dvd player screens. Why???

Is it because they are so used to watching everything on their computer monitors? Is the idea of large and grandiose something that is lost to a new generation that are weaned on small mini screens?? Is the idea of cinerama and cinemascope now something lost to generation x? Can large theatres with super large screens and THX sound survive if these young people don't mind watching films on small screens with super quality digital sound?

The New York Times has an interesting article for you to read... TINYTV .

The old guys among us will probably have flashbacks to the 50's and 60's when the DICK TRACY comic strip introduced a new gadget to communicate on. Tracy used a little tv monitor on his wrist watch to talk to his officers. Remember that little beauty. We all wished we had one for our own. Now it seems we can...but...what does this mean to the film and television industry?

Read the article and welcome to what might be one of the biggest changes in the film industry.

So do you, kind readers, think that movie theatres can survive this new digital onslaught? One last little thing. Remember on all the Star Trek television shows and movies that not once did they ever show a large movie screen or cinema. Is this the way of the future??

Wednesday May 17, 2006
Cancelled television shows
Just a few words to bitch about television networks. Put up your hands up if you are sick and tired of watching continuing tv series that draw you in and get you all excited only to see them cancelled at the end of the season.

The networks move these shows around and pre-empt them and then they get upset when people tune out. Give us a break; leave them on the same time and the same day and stop pre-empting and maybe the shows would get an audience. ABC just cancelled INVASION, which really 'p's me off and COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Now, I thought these two were going places. Instead, it seems I wasted my precious time watching these show just to see them cancelled.

If networks insist on doing shows like LOST then they should at least commit to themselves to at least 2 years, or why should we even bother. Next season I will not be investing my time in any of these new continuing series coming out. Why bother. If I hear the show has been renewed for the next season then I will watch all the reruns during the summer months, otherwise forget it. I'll spend my time watching sitcoms and shows that have individual stories; better yet maybe I'll just watch movies. Bah!

Wednesday May 17, 2006

Just thought I would throw in a few words about THE DA VINCI CODE movie coming out on Friday.

People forget the hype from the Church and all their fanatical followers. Go see the movie, it's a good thriller. I personally do not see what all the hubba was about it. The movie was entertaining as far as a thriller goes, but I really do not see what all the hype is about. I never read the book and it didn't take too long to figure out who was who, and who was what in this movie.Wednesday May 17, 2006 Cancelled television shows Just a few words to bitch about television networks. Put up your hands up if you are sick and tired of watching continuing tv series that draw you in and get you all excited only to see them cancelled at the end of the season. The networks move these shows around and pre-empt them and then they get upset when people tune out. Give us a break; leave them on the same time and the same day and stop pre-empting and maybe the shows would get an audience. ABC just cancelled INVASION, which really 'p's me off and COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Now, I thought these two were going places. Instead, it seems I wasted my precious time watching these show just to see them cancelled. If networks insist on doing shows like LOST then they should at least commit to themselves to at least 2 years, or why should we even bother. Next season I will not be investing my time in any of these new continuing series coming out. Why bother. If I hear the show has been renewed for the next season then I will watch all the reruns during the summer months, otherwise forget it. I'll spend my time watching sitcoms and shows that have individual stories; better yet maybe I'll just watch movies. Bah! Simply put, it is fine fiction or maybe it's true, but who cares, it is just a thriller. To my priests and their other parishoners, I say, stop making this into a big deal, it isn't worth the time and effort. Those who want to believe that the circumstances in the book and movie may be real, will believe it whether you tell them to boycott the film or not. It could be real, but as Tom Hanks says in the movie...what is the big deal...if Christ was married did that mean his miracles and teachings are invalid. Of course not. Is the Christian community fearful that maybe people might actually think for themselves and turn away from the Church?

Come on people get real...if thousands of years of religious dogma hasn't caused people to rush off in hordes away from the Church, do these priests really think a play of fiction on the screen is going to make them go away screaming from their Sunday visits and their tithing.

If Christ and Mary Magdeleine's descendants do walk the earth wouldn't it help strengthen our religious beliefs? So, what is the Church afraid of?

What, are they afraid that they may have to let priests get married? It is high time the Church let that happen anyway, just like priests married in the early days of the Church. Are they afraid they may have to let women become priests? Come on now, how many parishoners are going to leave the Church screaming in panic or disgust if that were to happen.

This is the time to strengthen the Christian religion if it hopes to survive. Remember, Islam is growing stronger, not weaker like the Christian religion.

Okay, enough of this, I'm starting to discuss politics rather than a movie.
V Final words, go see THE DA VINCI CODE, after all Sony paid a crap load of money to alot of Church leaders to convince us that this film is important enough to boycott. You want to boycott something...boycott injustice and poverty and crime or products tested on animals.

Now go away and watch one ot the movies on this site.


Friday March 31, 2006

Tory MP suggests jailing bad journalists.
Okanagan-Shuswap riding member of parlimant, Colin Mayes, wants a law to jail bad journalists. You just have to read this article because I gotta tell ya, if we elected this idiot to government then we should be the ones thrown into jail. Read the article here.
It only goes to show you we can elect these idiots but we can't make them think with any kind of intelligence.

Thursday March 30, 2006
Christian Convert Freed In Afghanistan

The Associated Press ... KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (Mar 28, 2006)
The Afghan man who faced execution for converting from Islam to Christianity has been released from prison. The deputy attorney general in Kabul says Abdul Rahman was released late last night from a high-security prison on the outskirts of the city. He said a letter had been issued declaring Rahman "mentally unfit to stand trial." Rahman's current whereabouts are unknown. The United Nations said he was appealing for asylum in another country.
Earlier in the day, hundreds of Muslims marched in protest of the decision to dismiss his case, chanting "Death to Christians!"
The 41-year-old was arrested last month after police discovered him with a Bible.
****I read this small article this morning and, well I just had to comment. At the risk of people thinking I'm some kind of rascist or prejudice, I just have to it any wonder so many people have guarded feelings about Muslims. It is hard to be Christian and feel in anyway secure when these relgious fanatics are calling for the death of all Christians. While, we are supposed to be understanding and tolerant, these jackasses in Afghanistan want all Christians dead. Seems stupid to me for Canada to be sending our sons & daughters over there to possibly get killed to help them, when they want Christians dead. Last I heard Canada was primarily a Christian country. So, that means, that at the least, these hundreds of chanters will do their upmost to kill our countrymen. The whole thing seems wrong to me.
Why are we there if they don't want us?
Maybe Canada should enlist and send only Muslim Canadian soldiers over to Afganastan, so that they can do the job without as much risk. Then again this may not be a good idea since most of them , I assume, left their country to get away from all the fighting over there. I know when my dad left Italy to come to Canada, he came to get away from bad government and a better life. So, I guess sending Canadian Muslims to Afganastan may not be a good idea for them. Now this being said, I have no problem with anyone hating us in foreign countries because we are Canadian, that is just a political thing, but, I really resent being hated because I happen to believe in the same God they do, and they don't like that fact.
GOD is GOD. He is either everyone's God or he is no ones God. Hey, you hundres of fanatics, isn't it time you listened to THE KORAN and The Prophets, yours and ours.
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